Episode 28 – After the Apocalypse (Fundraising Episode)

Portrait of Totila by Francesco Salviati (from Wikipedia)

Portrait of Totila by Francesco Salviati (from Wikipedia)

With Justinian struggling with the Plague Theodora takes charge of the Empire and makes a decision with profound consequences. When Justinian does recover he is faced with an Empire collapsing around him. He has to reorganise the Empire’s finances and redirect its armies as war resumes on every front.

Period: 541-545

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68 thoughts on “Episode 28 – After the Apocalypse (Fundraising Episode)

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  1. Constantin

    HI Robin, great job on the podcast! Just caught up and purchased episode 28. Any way to have this episode show up in my existing podcast subscription on the Android Podcast Republic app? I can load the new (with purchases) RSS feed but then I lose all my listening history. I’ve searched the comments section but most folks seem to commenting on itunes.

    • I’m afraid that is the trade off. The feed with the sale eps in is your own unique (new) feed. So it won’t have your previous listening history 😦

  2. Mike Newport

    Are you still there? I recently came across your podcast on spotify, I’m slowly working through the episodes, I find them fascinating especially the last one I heard on the “justianian” p[plague with the corona virus in the background. I am retired however when I’m was working I did play a part planning in how local government and other organisations would react to a lethal; local or pandemic sickness, I have been unable to find a way to access the paid for episodes, are they still available, if so how?

  3. Matteo De Simone

    Hi Robin, I am re-listening to your podcast and I bought this and other episodes back then directly from this website. I was wondering if there is a way for me to retrieve them or is my only option to join Patreon and purchase them there again? Thank you!

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