Episode 254 – Saladin the Strategist with Ben Duval

I speak to author Ben Duval, author of the book: “Saladin the Strategist: How the Crusaders Lost the Holy Land.”

We go through Saladin’s career starting with how he captured Egypt. Then how he built the coalition which defeated the Crusaders. Finally we watch on as he traps them at Hattin and then sweeps across the Kingdom of Jerusalem.

Buy the book here, follow Ben on twitter @byzantinemporia and find out more about his work here.

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One thought on “Episode 254 – Saladin the Strategist with Ben Duval

  1. Brenda P

    I was so happy listening to this episode. I have visited many of the sites, including the Crusader fortress at Karak. (My son was studying at American University Beirut, so I used a visit to him as an excuse to explore Roman mosaics around the Levant).
    Unfortunately, at the time I visited, I had absolutely no knowledge whatsoever about the Byzantine Empire, the Crusades, Saladin… Listening to your guest Ben Duval brought it all together, and put everything into perspective for me. I cannot express how much I have enjoyed your podcast these last couple years, and how much it has enriched my mosaic practice, and my life! Thank you.

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