Episode 268 – The Collapse of the Komnenian System

We take a look at the pros and cons of the Komnenian system. Then trace why it was causing enough resentment to lead to provincial separatism.

We then move on to discuss the army and the bureaucracy and the people of Constantinople. Looking at how each was affecting political stability in the run up to the Fourth Crusade.

Pic: The remains of the Church of St John at Philadelphia (modern Alaşehir). Philadelphia was one of the centres which broke away from Constantinople to go it alone.

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One thought on “Episode 268 – The Collapse of the Komnenian System

  1. George

    Good point at the end. I feel like sometimes with older history people forget just how much can change over a couple of decades. People intuitively understand that 1820 is very different from 1920, but I think they sometimes have a harder time conceptualizing this in societies with less technological divergence. Politics, culture and society can still change massively between, say, 1120 and 1220.

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