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Hello everyone,

You’re probably here because you’ve heard me say that I need you to buy episodes of the show to keep the podcast going. My first appeal came back during episode 27 which came out live in 2013. As I write this it is 2021 and as you can tell the podcast is still here.

Enough kind listeners bought episode 28 to keep the podcast going and since then I’ve produced over 30 bonus episodes. Some are part of the narrative but most are ‘Byzantine Stories.’ This is a whole series of bonus episodes focused on characters and topics that help us understand more about daily life in Byzantium.

By 2021 the site I used to sell episodes was causing me more hassle than I needed so I switched to Patreon. Patreon is a website where you can sign up to support artists and content creators directly. Patreon does all the admin for me so I can focus on making more episodes.

If you would like to hear episode 28 then please head on over to Patreon and support the show at the $6 a month level. You will then be given your own special podcast feed with every episode of the show on it. That includes every episode I’ve ever sold alongside all the free ones. And it is advert-free. You can cancel your subscription any time and pick it up again any time as well.

For $3 a month you can get the regular podcast feed with no adverts (but no bonus content). And for just $1 a month you’ll get no benefits beyond the smug satisfaction that you’re supporting a worthy cause.

Apologies in advance that as you make your way through the show you’ll keep hearing me plugging the old sales site. But now you know you can just skip those bits and let Patreon provide you with everything.

Thanks so much for your support,


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