Update on my progress

Hello everyone,

My baby girl was born in early October and I’m now 3 weeks into being a parent. I am very tired as you can imagine. She is happy and healthy so far which is wonderful and I’m really grateful for all your kind messages.

Here’s an update on my progress: I have finished writing all the episodes between Manuel’s death and the 4th Crusade. The sack of Constantinople will be one of those 2 hour long episodes which takes several weeks to put together.

The plan is to wait until all the episodes are finished before I release any. So that you get a complete story told one week at a time – rather than having big gaps between episodes.

As soon as I can I will finish the 4th Crusade and you will get all these episodes in a once a week ‘Season’ of podcasts. Thanks so much for your patience and kind support.

Best wishes,


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12 thoughts on “Update on my progress

  1. David Haselkorn

    Best of luck with new baby. Your podcast is a wonder. A special episode recapping Byzantium’s dealings with the Ukraine and the Rus?

    • Mystikos

      “A special episode recapping Byzantium’s dealings with the Ukraine and the Rus?”

      Terrible idea. The current events have nothing to do with Byzantine history. If you want to connect them to medieval Rus history, you have to dive quite deep into them. Mostly the causes are all super-modern and proper historical analysis may take decades, especially given the level of secrecy and classified information within the modern state.

      • Trolleloll

        Well, its still interesting. That parts of the Rus were captured by Poland / Ze Germans later and developed a different more Polish identity away from the real Rus hardly makes Byzantiums relation with the Rus any less interesting?

  2. Mystikos

    Best of luck with the birth and early parenting!!

    Happy to hear that such an important period of Byzantine (and world) history is coming up in the podcast and that it will receive the appropriate level of attention =D. Cheers, Robin!

  3. Martinmartinus'

    Your story telling is wonderful and you are worth all praise for the care you take and the empathy you show with the people of the past.
    And the sack of Constantinople is ugly and sad and hurts to think about.

  4. mehmet


  5. Spencer


    Congratulations to you and your wife on the birth of your daughter.

    My sons are now in their 30s. Although I intellectually understand that they have been adults for many years and now are well into successful professional careers, I still cannot help but see them as the adorable six-, eight-, or ten-year-olds that I remember fondly.

    Enjoy your time with your family. It is precious.

    Best regards,


  6. I am enjoying every minute of this podcast. It took me years to get invested in this one after blazing through History of Rome, and you have done an excellent job of capturing my attention!

    So much of the humor comes from your little side comments on the sources and their biases. Thank you for doing this.

  7. Manuel

    Congratulations on the baby! You’ll have legitimacy as a dad from the start without even trying 😉

    I’m still at episode 92 but loving the detail – a real eye opener to a part of history that I’ve never known much about (I’m not a historian or especially clever person who knows much about anything history related)

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