Episode 267 – Provincial Separatism with Nathan Websdale

Nathan Websdale is a PHD candidate at Oxford University and President of the Oxford University Byzantine Society.

His work is focussed on ethnic identification, social inclusion and self-determination in the Byzantine World, c.1200-c.1230.

Nathan graduated with a BA (First Class) in History from Royal Holloway, University of London in 2016 and an MA (Merit) in Late Antique and Byzantine Studies from the Intercollegiate University of London in 2017.

I talk to Nathan about the thorny issue of provincial separatism before and after the Fourth Crusade.

Picture: A map showing the areas which were not under Byzantine control before the sack of Constantinople in 1204. The shaded areas were being held by provincial rebels or foreign powers. From the article ‘La decomposition de l‘empire byzantin’ by Nicolas Oikonomides (from the book Byzantium from the Ninth Century to the Fourth Crusade)

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3 thoughts on “Episode 267 – Provincial Separatism with Nathan Websdale

  1. Brendan Devitt

    Wonderful interview with the irrepressible Nathan Websdale on your magnificent website. I believe Nathan will become a big name in Byzantine Studies, so good to hear some of his initial thoughts on 1204 right at the outset of his career. Much success to you and your website. I hope other Byzantine affecionados will gain benefit from it.

  2. Adrian Moore

    Loved this episode. I really appreciated how Nathan’s comments overlapped but added to the information in the narrative and questions episodes. And how he shed some light on the sources and their “slants”. The combination of loss of faith in central Roman authority with racial tensions in the wake of the Latin takeover of the capitol is something I have read about or heard discussed before. Great stuff!

  3. SNL

    This episode was, as always, a joy to listen to. Nathan Websdale is a great articulator and brings some interesting additions to our narrative. His use of the sources feel natural and are easy to understand. Kudos to both of you, I do hope you bring the guest back for future episodes.

    I would dare to say that mr. Websdale would be an interesting co-host in an explenation type episode, perhaps after the reconquest of Constantinople there could be an epsiode titled “why did the Romans win” or “why did the Latins lose” much in the same way you did episodes titled “why did the arabs win/romans lose” that almost came right after the battle of Yarmouk back in the 7th century.

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