Episode 259 – The Fourth Crusade (Part 1)

The Crusaders camped opposite the Blachernae Palace (above)

Pope Innocent calls for a new Crusade to retake Jerusalem. A group of French Knights decide to form an expedition to Egypt and make a deal with Venice to transport them. But when they can’t pay the bill the mission goes awry and ends up at Constantinople.

Period: 1198-1203

Pic: Dandolo brings the plan for the Fourth Crusade to the people of Venice (by Gustave Dore)

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4 thoughts on “Episode 259 – The Fourth Crusade (Part 1)

  1. And so it begins.

    I assume you will follow Nicea after the sack of 1204, but are you planning onchecking in on Trebezond or Epirus from time to time?

  2. Joshua

    Robin I was relistening to your episode from 8 years ago on the 717 Arab Siege of the City. It is amazing how both had a period of 20 years before the siege where things fell apart. I suppose the City was fortunate to have Leo III in 717 where as the leadership in 1204 failed. Have you thought of comparing the two sieges?

    Great podcast and I look forward to part two of this story.

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