Episode 28 – After the Apocalypse (Fundraising Episode)

Portrait of Totila by Francesco Salviati (from Wikipedia)

Portrait of Totila by Francesco Salviati (from Wikipedia)

With Justinian struggling with the Plague Theodora takes charge of the Empire and makes a decision with profound consequences. When Justinian does recover he is faced with an Empire collapsing around him. He has to reorganise the Empire’s finances and redirect its armies as war resumes on every front.

Period: 541-545

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68 thoughts on “Episode 28 – After the Apocalypse (Fundraising Episode)

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  1. Harry Dimopoulos

    How do I transfer the purchase I have made and downloaded episode 28 on my PC, to my iPhone Podcasts application?

  2. Hi Harry, thanks for buying the episode. I’m afraid I don’t use an Iphone so I’m not sure how you would normally get an episode onto your phone. Do you sync your phone with your Itunes? Can the episode be manually loaded into your PC’s version of Itunes and then show up on your phone?

  3. Thomas

    Made my donation! Thanks for keeping the podcast going.

  4. Thomas

    Just a quick warning to others – the emails from donotreply@thetvcritic.org may be filtered into your Junk by an overzealous spam prevention system (this happened for me on hotmail) so make sure to look for them there.

  5. vigouge

    If anyone is having trouble getting it to show correctly in iTunes or has an annoying case of ocd like me then to get it in the correct spot in iTunes you need to edit the metadata.

    To edit the metadata you need a program like mp3Tag, install it and open the folder with your downloaded podcast. In mp3Tag you need to right click on the file to change and select extended tags then you’ll need to add a few fields.

    The fields needed are PODCAST with a value of 1, and PODCASTURL with a value of http://www.thetvcritic.org/historypodcasts/feed.xml. iTunes uses the PODCAST field to specify what section it belongs in (ie Music, Podcasts, iTunesU), it uses the PODCASTURL for grouping. You can also add a DATE field with todays date in yyyy/mm/dd format, and a track number which will put the file in the correct order.

    After that add the file to your iTunes library and it should show up in the same section as the rest of the episodes.

    • Harry Dimopoulos

      Can you please describe this sequence in a manner that is suitable ti novices? I will be grateful. Thank you.

      • I’m afraid I don’t have an Iphone, so can’t explain that part of the process. If someone else can I’d be grateful and I will ask on the Facebook page to see if anyone else has done it.

      • A listener says if you click on ‘Get Info’ in Itunes then you can edit the categories there. Hopefully then you could input the information from Vigouge’s comment above.

  6. I purchased the episode and made a donation…but I was unable to “register” due to an error message about my e-mail being invalid. So hopefully that will clear up or I will otherwise be able to get my episode?

  7. Marcus

    Hi Robin,

    I don’t suppose you know how upload Ep. 28 to iTunes so that it sits nicely with the rest of the series like a normal episode? Right now Ep. 28 is listed as a separate podcast series entirely so I have two “History of Byzantiums”, one of which only Ep. 28. It isn’t unbearable, but I like order.

  8. Barry

    Best of luck with the fundraising Robin, and thanks for all the hard work you put into the podcast.
    Harry, yes you can transfer this onto you iphone/ipod the same way as you would a normal song through itunes

  9. Josh

    What are your goals for this? Will the podcast stop if you don’t reach a goal? Love the work! Thanks!

  10. I’ve sent $10.00 over two donations, but my account here says that I haven’t purchased anything, and that account was set up before I ordered, and I haven’t received any email after the Order Has Been Received emails with a password in.

  11. sorry, I’ve got it now!

  12. AR

    I entered $10, but for some reason Paypal only counted the portion that was listed as a “Donation” and only charged $5.

  13. @vigouge – You are a Godsend! Several others have asked me this question.
    @Marcus – hopefully Vigouge’s post, just above yours, can answer your question.
    @Josh – my goal is that the sale will cover my expenses to keep it going for the time being. I don’t know how much it will raise or exactly how much I need to balance with my day job. I’m fairly confident I can go on beyond Justinian but I will keep you all informed of what the results are.

  14. @AR Several people have had the same fault. I will put up a Donate button soon so if you feel overwhelmed with guilt in the future you can use it. In the meantime I just hope the episode got through ok 🙂

  15. Sieg Ziggurat

    Hi Im trying to purchase the episode, i put in $5.00 but when I click on checkout it says my basket is empty?

  16. @Sieg – you are not alone. If you have access to another computer or browser please try them. I am looking into it, sorry it’s a drag 😦

  17. Michael

    Just wanted to let you know, Robin, that I got the episode without a hitch. Right up to your usual high standard. Thanks very much for your hard work on each of these episodes.

  18. @Sieg. Cookies may be the problem. Can you put thetvcritic.org onto your cookie blocker’s exception list?
    @Michael – thanks so much

  19. Sieg Ziggurat

    i will try, also do i need to register, because i just registered so ill see if that works!

  20. Sieg Ziggurat

    got it thankyou sam christian, i had the box ticked, unticked and paid!!!

  21. @samchristiansutherlandjones thanks so much for helping out

  22. Chris

    I had the same issue as Seig Ziggurat: unticking the box allows me to go through the steps of purchasing the episode while ticking the box leads to an error screen.

    Anyhow, fantastic episode as usual!

  23. Sieg Ziggurat

    yes it was a great epsidoe…cant wait for the next one!

  24. Henry

    Thanks for the hard work, Robin! We are always happy to help a brother out. And as any salesman knows, people are more than happy to contribute when value has been proven. Have you looked into Flattr or some type of subscription service?

  25. @Henry – thank you for the idea. The Sale’s been a good learning experience so far…

  26. Harry Dimopoulos

    I believe a large number of your listeners, listen to your podcast on their smartphones, iPhone in my case and therefore I use iTunes and the Apple Podcast app. I tried everything above and cannot get the purchased episode to appear as Episode 28 in my Podcasts. I finally managed to get it on my iPhone under Music; but cannot transfer to Podcasts. An annoying situation but one with which I can learn to live with.
    A solution might be to offer your audience to buy this episode through iTunes store for say $7 (since Apple will keep about 35%); you will still net $5 (or slightly less). Nevertheless it may avoid this annoying technical glitch and may satisfy more of your audience. I for one would have paid $7 to have the episode in the right place, in the right sequence etc, instead of having to fish for it in other parts of the iPhone. Just an thought. I wonder what issues we will have with Episode 29?

  27. I will certainly look into Itunes for the future.

  28. I know I’d be willing to subscribe to it at a monthly fee of say $5.00 or $7.00. This podcsst is great and my only problem is that once every two weeks or so just isn’t enough!

  29. Jarrad

    Downloading Now (although I’m an episode or two behind right now anyway).

  30. Orion35

    Actually i followed vigouge’s steps, and they worked… up to putting the episode within the correct podcast, however the order was not the expected one…

    This, however, had an easy solution. I simply used Mp3Tag on one of the earlier podcast files and copied the same fields and values than the earlier ones (with adjustments for the correct title and date for episode 28) and done!

    Thank you so much for the help vigouge!

  31. Hey everyone, a kind listener has sent me a copy of the File with all the correct tags written so that it will fit in the right order in Itunes. Contact me (thehistoryofbyzantium@gmail.com) if you would like that file.

  32. Ron

    Great work, Robin! Considering the hours of entertainment and education you have created, $5 is a steal!

  33. Philip

    Hi Robin. I donated $5 on saturday and recieved an email from paypal confirming that, but haven’t heard anything since – neither emails nor the money actually transferring. Do you know if it actually went through correctly?

  34. Andy

    Hello Robin,
    Last night I went to purchase the podcast and entered “6.00” when I went to review my basket, the charge said “$600.00” Of course your podcast is valuable, but I couldn’t afford the $600.00. I went back and just entered “5” without the “.00” and a charge of “$5.00” appeared. I went with the $5.00 charge. I’m not sure if it was user error or a glitch, but I wanted to make you aware just in case.

  35. I bought the episode without a hitch and thoroughly enjoyed it 🙂


  36. Mike Clark

    Andy: Thank you for mentioning the 5 vs. 5.00 glitch. I had the same problem and almost paid $500!

    Robin: Great podcast. I’d like to say that when you were talking outside the episodes and a little more freely, I thought it sounded better than the monotone. But take it or leave it… I’ll enjoy it the same either way!

    And if you insisted on more frequent episodes, I wouldn’t complain. ;0)

  37. Mr. Pierson, can you tell us anything about how the fundraising has gone so far? I don’t expect to hear a specific number, but it would be nice to know if you have met your expectations, or fallen short.

  38. Hi Mike, so far it’s gone well. People have been very generous and the response from those listening live has definitely met expectations. My hope is over the next 4-6 weeks as we reach the end of Justinian’s life that those catching up will donate too and that would assure me that I can go on. Signs have been good so far…

  39. I will be donating $10.00 a month as long as I am able to so we can keep this going (and hopefully you can do it full time).

  40. That’s ludicrously generous of you 🙂 The sale has gone very well and I will be going on beyond Justinian…

    • I’m happy to hear that. I’m a high school history teacher and I’m working (part time) on my Ph.D. in history, so I know how difficult this can be. You are doing it with style and grace and, to be honest, better than I could. Heck, I’m now adding a huge section on Byzantium thanks to this podcast. 🙂

  41. Max

    I’m sort of a latecomer (everything I listen to has around a month or so of lag) but keep up the great job, you’ve got my money, sir!

  42. Jeff

    I just started listening to the podcast this week and I just want to say thanks for filling the void the History of Rome left. I bought the episode and hope you can continue the story to conclusion.

  43. That’s a lot of listening you did in one week 🙂 Thanks so much Jeff, things look good for now.

  44. sadfsdafl

    why not a kickstarter campaign?

    • The time limit on a Kickstarter campaign is a major downside to me. People are still buying the fundraising episode now and someone who finds the podcast tomorrow may buy it in a month. It’s been great to have people topping up the total and pushing back the day when I need more support.

  45. I’ve just purchased this episode, having starting listening to the podcast a few months ago. Glad to hear that the fundraising is going well, and looking forward to the series comtinuing! I also enjoyed THOR, and appreciate you continuing the style of presentation.

  46. Robin, Having started listening to your pod cast more recently and enjoying it immensely I also purchased your fund-raising episode to help off set your costs and to encourage you to keep going, which you obviously have done. Thank you for that.

    The issue I have with Ep. 28 is it would take some jiggering to download it onto my android phone and have if fit nicely within the sequence of your other “free” pod casts. This is something I see comments on here. Even though I purchased it I haven’t listened to it yet since I play the pod casts while I’m commuting using my android phone. Ill listen to it soon at home on my computer.

    I like the idea of the occasional promotional pod cast for sale. Duncans Audible endorsement was fine as well if you can get it. As a suggestion, if other fund raising episodes are required consider making them more tour like episodes and perhaps a bit longer. That way it wont disrupt the flow of the narrative and can stand alone.

    Eric from SF

  47. Franz Rivera

    Just arrived at this point, had same issue with getting episode in the right order. I will send an email now for correct settings version. By the way, when I first started listening I was a bit skeptical that you could successfully follow in Mike Duncan’s footsteps, but I have to say you are doing an excellent job. Keep up the good work!

  48. Derpy

    You have done the impossible. You talked me into paying for a podcast. I had no issues downloading or putting onto my ipod. I see you have made many episodes since, so I guess this all worked on some level. I hope you continue until you’re finished. I’ve been taking you on hikes with my dog, and your podcast has seen a few mountain peaks so far. Cheers.

  49. Mark

    Paying was ok, but playing the episode on my Andriod was very tricky. Still have not managed to get it integrated into my Android podcaster…. irritating.

    OTOH the podcast is good & worth the ‘donation’

  50. Can’t get this episode anymore?

    • Yes, I am emailing you Chris about this. If anyone else sees this (July-August 2014) I am having issues with thetvcritic.org so email me about this to get the episode (thehistoryofbyzantium@gmail.com)

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