Sale instructions

If you’d like to buy the Sale episodes of The History of Byzantium then this is what you need to do.

1) Register with the site here. Just input your email address and click “Submit.”

2) You will receive an email from with your password. Check your spam folder if you can’t see it. Click on the link to login or you can click here.

3) Sign in using your email and the password. Then click on Buy Episodes on the right hand menu.

4) You can now choose which episodes you’d like. If you want the RSS feed then just choose that and don’t add any other episodes as they are all included in the feed. Click on “Add to Basket” when you’re done.

5) You can now choose to add a donation. The early episodes are $5 and later ones are $7. A year-long subscription to the feed is $42 (since June 2016). You can simply enter the amount that each item costs if you like. Or you can add a donation by inputting a larger amount. Don’t use decimal points. Just put 7 or 42 or whatever rather than 7.00 or 42.00. Click “Checkout” when you’re done.

6) This is your chance to check the order is correct. If it is click “Buy Now.” If it isn’t click “Back” and correct it.

7) You are now taken to the Paypal screen. Either use your Paypal account to pay or click on the option to pay with debit or credit card (it’s on the right hand side under the Paypal account login).

8) Once you have paid you will receive an email confirming your purchase and information about your episodes or RSS feed. You can always login here and click on “Your Purchases” (top left) and stream or download your episodes. Your RSS feeds will also be there.

Please be patient with the sale episodes. They are on a slower server than the free episodes. You may have to download them in order to listen to them when the server is busy. Email me with any problems: thehistoryofbyzantium at (obviously replace at with the sign).



12 thoughts on “Sale instructions

  1. niikpeters

    It worked! If you listened to ep. 1-27 to these on an iphone using the “podcasts” app (using iOS9.2.1) & you don’t want to change for the purchased ep. 28, do all the steps above, then…

    …on your iphone, open the rss feed emailed to you in your “safari” browser

    … (after asking you to confirm various confusing questions,) your phone opens the rss feed with the purchased episode(s) in your “podcasts” app under a new podcast title “The history of Byzantium – special purchased episodes”
    It ended up being really easy: Thanks Robin!
    Perhaps this feedback will assist someone else

    • Thank you so much for taking the time to send that in 🙂

    • Steve

      This worked for the earlier episodes but not for the current purchased ones (for me at least).
      I found the following works for a Windows PC and an iPhone:
      Download the episodes to the PC using “Save Link As…” and load them into iTunes using “Add file to Library” (where they will appear as songs).
      Sync to your iPhone and check they appear in “Music” on the phone.
      Change the media type to Podcast in iTunes using (right click) Get Info>Option>Media Kind
      Sync again and the episodes should appear in Podcasts.
      Some of the metadata including release date may be lost but at least the episodes appear on the phone. This could probably be fixed using a mp3 tag editor app but I have not tried this myself.
      This also appears to work for the pesky “File type is not supported by the iPhone…” message.

  2. Penguinpiano

    I’m a little concerned that the website where we sign up to purchase episodes doesn’t make use of HTTPS. Basically it’s asking people to enter their email address and password into an unencrypted form, where it is easily intercepted and stolen. It’s a little surprising considering your own website does use HTTPS.

    • My web developer says: “It’s not generally considered necessary to use HTTPS if all you’re asking of people is their email address. I’ve created the system specifically so that it doesn’t handle sensitive data entered by the user. All of the user’s important information is handled by PayPal, which uses HTTPS and a lot of very stringent security measures to make sure that this information is safe on their servers.”

  3. Julio Fernandes

    Just subscribed again for the show. Amazing historical research and storytelling!

  4. Ruben

    thank you for a great Podcast!!!!

  5. Duncan Anderson

    I received my subscription reminder this morning. As a great supporter of the show I tried to renew promptly. My saved password didn’t work. I was sent another which did not work and then a further six all of which did not work. So as things stand you have a subscriber who wishes to renew but can’t. For the sake of the show I hope I am not one of thousands!

  6. ryanvandyke

    Added the rss feed in podcast addict. Cant wait to keep on going with the history of Rome

  7. Giovanni is returning an error 503. Please solve that as I want to buy some episodes!

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