Episode 65 – Seven Emperors

Abd al Malik (from coinweek.com)

Abd al Malik (from coinweek.com)

The Arabs capture Carthage and the new Emperor Leontius is forced to send a fleet to recapture it. When that mission fails the men of the fleet wonder if one of their own might make a better Emperor.

Period: 695-705

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5 thoughts on “Episode 65 – Seven Emperors

  1. Hardcore gear

    Having been a history fan for over 40 years, your podcast is the only thing I have been inspired enough by to write an e-mail to thank you for your excellent work. High praise indeed!

  2. Erik

    I agree with Hardcore gear. The first few episodes i missed “A history of Rome” alot and did not like your style. But now im an addict and i really really like this show. Something that is especially impressive and rewarding for me is that you avoid just telling the history of the emperors, you cast a wider net, or so it apears to me at least. That must be really difficult to acomplish. You are simply the best.

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