Episode 66 – The Emperor Strikes Back

Justinian II and Tervel (from 'Rulers of the Byzantine Empire' published by KIBEA)

Justinian II and Tervel (from ‘Rulers of the Byzantine Empire’ published by KIBEA)

Justinian II heads off into exile but dreams of returning to Constantinople. He makes friends in Cherson and talks openly of rebellion. The city’s authorities report this to Apsimar and Justinian flees Cherson looking for an ally who can return him to the throne.

Period: 695-705

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7 thoughts on “Episode 66 – The Emperor Strikes Back

  1. Sam

    I was a big fan of the history of Rome, and I love how this podcast builds on that. It’s a great podcast, thanks!!!!

  2. One of the best episodes yet (even though all the episodes are great). Keep up the good work!

  3. Josh

    Great episode as always. I could imagine The History of Byzantium as a TV series. There is so much great material to draw from.

  4. Aram

    Listening to this amazing podcast for several months and I’ve to say it’s really great. Appreciating a lot the info on religions and Armenians.

  5. Benjamin

    Great episode! You paint a vivid picture of Justinian II’s quest of vengeance and return to power!

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  7. Florian Baumgartner

    Justinian the Rascal! What an adventure listen to. Awesome and as a German I dont use a word like that often. Chapéu! Your narrating has me captivated.
    also, nice Quote with ep 66

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