Episode 210 – What did Urban say?

Pope Urban preaches the Crusade from Cassell's Illustrated History of England, Volume 1

Pope Urban preaches the Crusade from Cassell’s Illustrated History of England, Volume 1 (highly inaccurate!)

We follow Urban as he crosses into France and spends over a year on tour. We talk about the steps he took to prepare for the announcement of the Crusades. Then we break down what we believe he said and why he said it.

Period: 1095-6

Download: What did Urban say?

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4 thoughts on “Episode 210 – What did Urban say?

  1. George

    What does the… ok ok you get the idea.

    I was thinking, should we get a John/Michael/Leo Acrostic? I suppose we are done with Leo, but as for the rest…

    • We could think about it. Though it wouldn’t be an acrostic. None of their names has the same number of letters as there were Emperors of the same name.

  2. Daniel

    Hey Robin,

    Not strictly on topic here, but I was wondering if you would ever have an interest in returning to the 5th century? You didn’t do a bad job there, but compared with your dense treatment of later centuries, I feel like it could do with what another world familiar to you might call a “remaster”.

    I take it from references in later episodes than your appreciation for that era grew a lot? Not to imply it was low or anything at the start, but I suppose it’s more difficult to appreciate the significance of the giant infrastructure projects in their early days.

    • Yes I didn’t research in the same depth I do now until about Heraclius’ time. I am interested in the idea of going back and looking at things in greater detail. But I don’t think I would replace the earlier episodes. I assume part of the charm of THOB is the way my knowledge of the subject grows as time passes. But it is something to consider post 1453 🙂

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