Episode 125 – A Tsar is Born

Romanos Lecapenus from 'Rulers of the Byzantine Empire" published by Kibea

Romanos Lecapenus from ‘Rulers of the Byzantine Empire” published by Kibea

Back in the tent with Symeon and Nicholas we learn that a title was granted that day. Symeon wanted to be hailed as Emperor. Wrangling over this title would lead to another decade of war before the two sides could come together.

Period: 913-927

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9 thoughts on “Episode 125 – A Tsar is Born

  1. Slavko

    This regalia has the hints of Roman ancient past. I wonder how much of it, if any, remained until this time.

  2. JA

    Romanos’s outfit looks very classical Roman in this image to me. Is this based on an actual fashion from this time period, or did they draw him like that because of his name?

  3. Stephen

    Off topic, and I’m sure you’re overwhelmed with stuff to read Robin, but I’ve been reading the excellent Bettany Hughes latest massive book, Istanbul, it is absolutely an essential read for all THOB fans, I recommend it to you and to all listeners, for both the Byzantine era, and for the pre and post Byzantine era.
    Truly epic, scholarly but very easy to read, and very, very hard to put down!
    It’s not a detailed history of the Empire, but of the city, but includes lots of answers to a lot of questions, and loads of newly discovered archaeological findings; highly recommended.

  4. Satsark

    Just wanted to note that this was a fantastic episode.

  5. Ilham

    Great episode. Had a bit of a chuckle when you described Constantine annual “humilatipn”

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