Episode 73 – Leo’s Reign in the 730s

The city of Afyonkarahisar in Turkey. This is the site of Akroinon where Leo won his victory in 740.

The city of Afyonkarahisar in Turkey. This is the site of Akroinon where Leo won his victory in 740.

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We look at Leo’s second decade in power. First tracing the military and political developments and then going back to look at the development of Iconoclasm.

Period: 730-741

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6 thoughts on “Episode 73 – Leo’s Reign in the 730s

  1. Another good episode. For me though, your longer episodes are more entertaining and allow me to really get into them. Please include as many details as possible of the battles and contemporary opinions of the common people living in the capital

  2. paddle2paddle

    Oh, those poor workers who had to haul construction materials to the top of that mountain for that fortification. Maybe there are some things I don’t understand about military strategy, but I almost don’t see the point of a walled fortification up there. It’s not as though a large force is likely to get up there easily, and it also seems to me that quickly defending the area with a force stationed on top would be somewhat impractical too.

    • I think the idea is that it would deter anyone from even attempting to attack that area. The troops inside would be impervious to any assault. Usually they would have plenty of time to descend when they were needed for action 🙂

  3. Jason

    This is a truly fantastic podcast . I felt at a loss at the end of the – a history of Rome Podcast – and this really begins to fill the pieces – I knew so little about the Byzantium empire somehow assuming that ” sething happened between Constantine and the ottamans but not really knowing what

    Well done and hope you can bring us right up to the fall and the point when Byzantium becomes Istanbul !!!

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