Episode 72 – Leo’s Reign in the 720s

The Miliaresion of Leo III and Constantine V (Wikipedia)

The Miliaresion of Leo III and Constantine V (Wikipedia)

We look at Leo’s first decade in power. First tracing the military and political developments and then going back to look at domestic policies.

Period: 718-729

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6 thoughts on “Episode 72 – Leo’s Reign in the 720s

  1. Lovely episode but oh my god I hate you right now 🙂 You might as well have said you were going to post naughty pictures of yourself and then put them behind a paywall. Curses. I’m going to have to give you money now 🙂

  2. neutraltechnician

    Excellent job with your website. I am in awe. You are doing justice to a highly-interesting and oft-neglected historical period.

  3. Joshua

    Great podcast as always. I know this is a tough time period to get through but I know you’re up to the task.
    I think the fund raising episodes are a good idea. Your show is professionally done and I believe it is something worth supporting. In addition I like the idea of bonus episodes for supporters of the podcast.

    Do you get professors of byzantine studies to comment or email. I think it would be cool to have some interviews from scholars in the field.

  4. Brad Hubley

    Great podcast! I like to listen and follow along with this website http://geacron.com/

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