The History of Rome Tour

Augustus wants you on the History of Rome Tour

Augustus wants you on the History of Rome Tour

Hey everyone,

Mike Duncan (of the History of Rome podcast) is still participating in tours around the sites in Rome, Naples, Pompeii and elsewhere.

The next tour leaves on May 25th and you can get a $100 discount by visiting this link

I haven’t been on the tour myself but I have visited most of the places which it visits. I can not recommend them enough. In 2010 I walked around the Forum, the Colosseum, Hadrian’s Villa, Pompeii, Ostia and more – all with “The History of Rome” podcast in my ears! I absolutely loved it and it was a massive inspiration for starting “The History of Byzantium.”

For more information visit the website:


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8 thoughts on “The History of Rome Tour

  1. doug

    The link does not work

  2. doug

    Thanks for the clarification. Is there going to be an itinerary for next spring?


    Are you going to continue the tour in 2018? If so, what is the itinerary?

  4. Troy Huelle

    Any tours considered for 2022?

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