Episode 7 – Gaul and Spain

Clovis, King of the Franks by François-Louis Dejuinne

Clovis, King of the Franks by François-Louis Dejuinne

We take a look at the former Roman Provinces of Gaul and Spain and see what the Franks and Goths have been up to in the last century.

Period: 406-511

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17 thoughts on “Episode 7 – Gaul and Spain

  1. I’ll admit that when you first started this series, I was skeptical that you’d be able to maintain the standards sete by The History of Rome, but thus far I’m really enjoying every podcast. Thanks for continuing the story!

  2. Dan

    Just a couple of comments:

    20-30 minute podcasts v shorter, more frequent podcasts: Go with the 20-30 minutes. My listening habit (purely personal preference) is to put it on when I am driving to work. The half and hour or thereabouts gives me a bit of time to get in the right frame of mind and listen and immerse myself with the “story”. Or something like that.

    Places, places, place: Have you thought about linking to historical maps (to save you the bother of making any of your own). A quick bit of googling put me on to this for today: http://www.timemaps.com/history/france-500ad/

  3. Richard

    Thank you! I love those world tours. 😀

  4. Thanks guys so much
    @Dan – good feedback, that’s how I feel about it. And thank you for the link, I will definitely be getting some maps up for next episode and beyond.

  5. Andy

    I really enjoy these podcasts. I like the familiar format, it makes the transition from the History of Rome to the History of Byzantium seamless. I also enjoy your style Richard. You are user friendly and good with the details. I think the longer 20-30 minute podcasts are worth the wait. I remember on Mike’s podcast, he once had a 6 month gap between shows. I’d be concerned that if you tried to adhere to a weekly schedule that you could get burned out. Is Mike aware of your podcasts? Maybe he can share with you some of his experiences? Thank you Richard, these podcasts are tremendous!

  6. Helge

    Thank you for undertaking this grand project! I
    was delighted to hear that you would continue the story and overjoyed by the quality of your podcast so far! 😃 This podcast (like THOR) is History-telling the way History should be told! Thorough, detailminded and with enthusiasm! 👍

    During or after compleeting this world tour I hope you will also look at “the big picture” and analyze the context of the early Byzantine Empire.

  7. Mike Brown

    Fascinating stuff. When I heard the Lars Brownworth podcats-series about the Byzantine emperors ,he left me wanting more. Now you’re supplying it, and in a very good way.. great stuff, thoroughly enjoying it! One question though: are you going for the long haul, as in up to 1453? Because then you’ve probably got some years to go until you reach that point. I Wouldn’t complain if you do though 😉

  8. Bill Cooke

    Regarding length: I agree with Dan that I would prefer longer but less frequent (if necessary) episodes. Maybe this is the influence of television, but 30-60 minutes *feels* like a complete episode of something, while 10-15 minutes feels like a teaser or a single. I also listen to a lot of podcasts on my commute, walking around throughout the day, etc., and there’s nothing I do that is 15 minutes or less for which I’m going to break out the iPod. So 30 minute chunks, give or take 5-10 minutes, just feels like a natural podcasting sweet spot, unless you’re going to do the full Dan Carlin thing: 30 minutes is a subway ride; it’s dinner prep; it’s a walk to the supermarket; it’s a cardo workout, etc.

    Anyway, great work, love the podcast, looking forward to as many as you can give us!

  9. Thank you all for the feedback. I’m learning lots of good things about how you listen.

  10. Thomas

    Really enjoying the podcast – reminds me of the Thor’s Angels epsiode that Dan Carlin put out a while back – in a very good way. Nice job continuing Mike’s Legacy!

  11. I am enjoying your podcast so far and I’m please that you took a pause to look around Europe. It is good idea to get a fuller picture of how events playing out in Byzantium contrast with what is happening in the former provinces.

    I think the 20-30 minute format would be the better way to go; even if there is more time between episodes. The length is sufficient to give a good presentation without overwhelming, or even worse, underwhelming, the audience.

    I remember when Mike started THoR. He had to make adjustments too as he got up and running and got a feel for what it would actually take to produce his podcast. There was some trial, some error, and some revamping until he got it going smoothly. I’m confident you too will find what works and what is practical and fine tune your podcast into something equally as praiseworthy as THoR.

    Keep up the good work!

  12. Sandy

    Just about up-to-date and I have a few comments;
    THoR started with an already polished story with a narrative, rather than a lot of historical FACTS, so I think Mike may just have had an advantage at the start of his podcast.
    The sheer number of things and their complicated relationship to each other means the listener has to concentrate more to THoB (not a criticism)
    20-30 minutes is ideal, although I do find you taking a little more time getting into the meat of the podcast, the shaving of a couple of minutes is possible. I also listen in the morning commute – listeners above.
    Mike took time to build up the humour (having just re-listened to THoR during an Italian holiday), I think you are still feeling your way – good luck.
    You do not have as well recognised characters – everyone knows Julius Caesar etc at least as names, so again advantage Mike. Hopefully you can round out some of the Byzantine people a little more (time allowing).
    Production quality and pronouncation are excellent, much easier to concentrate when travelling.
    2-3 weeks between episodes could be a problem, but hey, it’s a hobby we should be grateful (i.e. don’t apologise) As long as the quality, narrative and your enthusiasm is there you will have listeners – I know Mike felt under pressure to do a weekly timetable.

    ditto Keep up the good work!

  13. Henry Franke

    I’m behind on episodes, but I had to mention that really enjoy your podcast and thank you for picking up the torch from Mr. Duncan. To get more specific to this episode, thank you for mentioning what was happening with Clovis at the time. I always found the dynamic between the Franks (Merovingians/Carolingians) and the Byzantines to be fascinating.

  14. Frank Knickerbocker

    Just a spiritual vote of encouragement in response to your request for organizational feedback. I’m discovering (and just finished) the History of Rome (Fall 2014) and now moving on through your excellent the History Byzantium in the late Spring 2015. In this setting, I balance my daily feed with a set quantity of material geared around a daily activity. You do this well and I’m grateful for your effort walking through history I’ve never seen. Your and Mike’s efforts have increased my appetite so I’m now running your and Mike’s “Revolutions” podcasts interleaved. Have courage, and know that what you do is appreciated.

  15. Wales! Not fair ignoring all those Roman Britons fighting on in the west!

  16. kiko

    more exhaustive shownotes, with some references would add to the podcast’s seriouseness.

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