Episode 6 – The Prosperous Exuberance

The Empress Ariadne (from a 5th century imperial diptych from Venice)

The Empress Ariadne (from a 5th century imperial diptych from Venice)

The Emperor Anastasius now faces a real rebellion from the Count of the Federates in Thrace, Vitalian. The Emperor sends out an army under his nephew Hypatius but they are defeated and Vitalian marches on Constantinople. Anastasius turns once more to Marinus for help but this time he asks him to lead an army against the rebellious General. We then wrap up Anastasius’ long life and talk about the economic health of the Empire and the riots.

Period: 513-518

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12 thoughts on “Episode 6 – The Prosperous Exuberance

  1. Richard

    While it is an insightful narrative, I would include modern geography for reference. It will save those not familiar with history a lot of time on Wikipedia

  2. Dan

    Another good episode. Looking forward to the trip around the empire that you have planned. Little details like your discussion of currency in episode 4 really help fill things out and make it less of trip through names and usurpers.

    Anyway, feels like we are really getting Byzantine now: Blues and Greens, riots in the Hippodrome, arcane religious disputes…

    Keep up the good work.

  3. j. miller

    Excellent work so far. I was wondering if maybe you can contact Mr. Duncan at THoR and see if maybe he could put a link up over there. Keep up the good work!

  4. Richard – over the next few episodes it will be all about linking modern geography to the past. Thanks for the feedback.
    Dan – Again, really good to know what people want more of.
    J – I have emailed him to let him know what I’m doing but I’ve left it at that.

  5. Ed

    Robin, I’m all caught up now and I’m very pleased with the work you’ve done so far and can’t wait for the grand tour. My one issue is that I take Dan Carlin’s exhortation “A buck a show, it’s all we ask” very seriously and I find you have no “Donate” button. I believe in the morality of paying for things I really like, so I think a “Donate” button is required. Keep up the great work.

  6. Ed, that’s very kind. If you really want to then I do have a button over at The TV Critic http://www.thetvcritic.org/donate/. I will add one here at some point…

  7. Jeremy

    I must admit, I never thought I would enjoy this era of history, but I’m finding it quite fascinating. A well made, informative podcast. Keep up the excellent work.

  8. Richard

    I just find it a bit hard to follow through different rebellions and usurpers as they only control little territory (as opposed to the roman era) and doesn’t last very long. But i guess this will be a usually theme in Byzantine history. Great work though! I really like your style.

  9. Thanks so much. Yes the Byzantine world is definitely contracted compared to the Roman one. Hopefully over the next few episodes we can explore that world so it seems more interesting…

  10. Good luck Robin. I’m a huge THOR fan, and purely coincidental – I listen to your Buffy podcast. Fun to know you’re doing eclectic work to match my interests! thanks!

  11. Very cool 🙂 It’s good to know I’m not the only one who likes Xander and Xanthippus…

  12. Greg Savvinos

    Great to see this project happening, I loved THOR and I am delighted that you will be taking this story further

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