Episode 5 – The Gamble

The Barberini Ivory (from the Louvre). It's unknown if this is meant to be Zeno, Anastasius or Justinian.

The Barberini Ivory (from the Louvre). It’s unknown if this is meant to be Zeno, Anastasius or Justinian.

The Emperor Anastasius deals with more riots along with an invasion in the West by the Bulgars and the East by the Persians. He then begins to give in to his monophysite sympathies and is almost toppled after allowing his Patriarch to interfere with the Orthodox Liturgy. As the crowds demand he be replaced though he takes a gamble and offers to resign.

Period: 498-513

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11 thoughts on “Episode 5 – The Gamble

  1. inobtanium

    Hey there! My husband and I are avid fans of both The History of Rome and Hardcore History podcasts, and were positively giggling with excitement when we found this one.

    So far, I am enjoying the tone of the podcast (especially the fun little quips throughout) and I appreciate the calm, even tone. I can tell that you are just developing your style, but all sounds great so far. Keep up the great work–can’t wait to see how this one continues to evolve!

    Thank you! – Jenny and Family

  2. Thanks so much, that’s lovely to hear

  3. brian j

    Great job on the podcast so far – really enjoying it. Hope you’ll be around at least as long as THoR was.

  4. I just finished The History of Rome, which I listened to over the last couple of months as it wound up. Byzantium in real time is a whole mother experience; in many ways a good thing as it provides for deeper reflection. Thank you so much for continuing the narrative with the degree of continuity you have provided. I look forward particularly to your forthcoming survey of life broadly across the empire. The Emperors, the big prrsonalities and the great events necessarily dominate the narrative, but insights about the trends in society and life on the ground make it real and personal. Please don’t hesitate to digress from time to time.

    Great job, and you are perfect for it! Thanks! 🙂

  5. Eric

    Hi Robin: I just found your podcast, and think you’re doing a great job so far. I’m a big fan of history podcasts, having listened to 12 Byzantine Rulers, The History of Rome, and Hardcore History. I’m so happy to have an in depth view of Byzantium now!

  6. Thank you all for the feedback, it’s really valuable

  7. Philip

    Hi! I recently finished the History of Rome and decided to graduate on to here.

    I read A Short History of Byzantium by John Julius Norwich earlier in the year, but I’ve never really “got” Byzantium – the book crammed a lot into a short period of time, and I felt your first couple of podcasts were similar (enjoyable but leaving me wanting more explanation).

    Howver, the last two have been fantastic. I’ve really started to get a feel for what Byzantium was like and how it worked. Keep up the good work!

    • Chris D

      Norwich’s 3 volume history is far superior to his Short History which unfortunately reads like the three volume history with the great characters, amazing anecdotes and “juicy bits” cut out. I HIGHLY reccomend the 3 volume set. It’s more than worth the money and reading time.

  8. I’ve just listened to episodes 4 & 5, and I’m really getting into it! I’ll have to go find the first ep and start from there. Thanks so much for continuing where History of Rome left off. I can’t wait to listen to more podcasts from you!

  9. Dataizm

    I just found out about this podcast this month and I am super glad you made it.I know I’m late to the party but this means I can binge my way to the current position. So far I’m liking this Emperor Anastasius, he’s quick on his feet and has the wits to match.

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