Episode 230 – The Sack of Edessa

John II Komnenos’ youngest son Manuel takes charge of the Empire. After securing the capital and punishing Raymond of Antioch the new Emperor goes on campaign against the Turks. After chasing the Sultan of Iconium to his capital Manuel realises that fighting on the plateau is no easy business. Meanwhile the Crusader city of Edessa falls and the Byzantines don’t appreciate the significance of this event.

Pic: Manuel Komnenos (from ‘Rulers of the Byzantine Empire’ published by KIBEA)

Period: 1143-1146

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The History of Byzantium

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3 thoughts on “Episode 230 – The Sack of Edessa

  1. David Allen Thompson

    Its an interesting observation about reading events up to a certain point and then justifying their future course after the fact (teleology?).I keep trying to think if I had known what happens up until this point and nothing afterward, would the fourth crusade, the rise of the Turks and the subsequent events be a surprise to me. I really can’t convince myself either way.

  2. George

    Romans call Turks ‘Persians’
    I sleep

    Franks call Romans Greek
    Real shit

    • Spencer

      Very crude and uncalled for. Just because you can, does not mean you should. Very low class, dude. Grow up.

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