Episode 161 – Not Yet Holy Roman Emperors

Otto the Great (/rorate-caeli.blogspot.com)

Otto the Great (/rorate-caeli.blogspot.com)

We talk about developments in the Frankish realm as they relate to Byzantium across the past century.

Period: 913-1025

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10 thoughts on “Episode 161 – Not Yet Holy Roman Emperors

  1. Woah, just caught got up to date with the whole podcast.

    Such a great series. I love learning about a part of history I had no idea about.

    Congrats on such a great series.

  2. I’m curious why the files I download don’t automatically list themselves in chronological order on my music player. It normally does this with other podcasts I’ve listened to (hardcore history, british history podcast, and history of rome). Does anyone here know the reason?

    • Hey, sorry it’s not behaving. Which player are you using? And are these individually downloaded or on a feed? Robin

      • Imp

        I have the same issue with individual downloads put in Listen Audiobook Player since episode 139. I think it has something to do with your filenames, and perhaps coincides with the point when some of the commercials started appearing in some episodes. The latter is speculation (and I don’t mind said commercials). The bottom line is that every time I rescan the seried to combine into a single audiobook (so I can use bookmarks etc) the last 20 odd episodes appear jumbled in sequence. Initially I fixed it manually, but after a poit I stopped bothering and just listen to the latest episode as it comes. It will be an issue though for those who discover the series late and want to binge listen.

  3. Oh dear. I’m afraid I don’t really have control over the filenames that Acast uses. Let me consult some other podcasters to see if they’ve had the same issue.

  4. Imp

    Order in Listen Audiobook Player after a fresh rescan of the “book” of the whole podcast.


    Typical “new” filename:


    Typical “old” (1-138) filename:


    As I said, this is a minor annoyance for me, but it might deter new listeners from continuing this excellent podcast.

  5. Imp

    I’m afraid not. I suspect it looks at certain mp3 tags in addition to/instead of the filenames, but I haven’t tested this hypothesis. It is very odd though, since Listen Audiobook Player is a very smart app as a rule. I think it just gets confused by the change of file naming convention mid way through the series. But that’s another theory.

    How does the order sequence look for others using other players?

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