Episode 89 – The House of War

Plan of field army marching camp, 10th century from Byzantium at War by John Haldon

Plan of field army marching camp, 10th century from Byzantium at War by John Haldon

I present a fantasy narrative of a soldier’s life during a raid in Cappadocia. The details are all taken from Byzantine sources.

To read a transcript of this story visit Ancient Rome AU here.

Period: 695-802

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24 thoughts on “Episode 89 – The House of War

  1. Bryce

    I was loving this episode, and I can’t wait to hear the rest of it, but it cuts off for after 20:00.

  2. ArcticXerxes

    Great story! I noticed two instances of repeated text (if you haven’t caught them already yourself):

    16:30 – “We’re being smart, Alexius said. Once the Saracens make their way home, they will be vulnerable.”
    18:30 – “Scouts had already been out north of Tyana to pick a good spot near a river. Then, soldiers went out and marked the ground for us.”

    • Thank you so much for telling me. It’s the 2nd time recently I’ve missed bits. I’ve started editing in a new way which should make it easier for me to spot mistakes but so far it’s been the opposite!

  3. Erik

    I thought this was really entertaining and interesting. One of my favorite History of Byzantium episodes and a breath of fresh air. Make more like this one please 🙂

  4. Scott

    Was enjoying but episode cutoff about 20 minutes in. 🙁

  5. Byzgamer

    another episode to share with some people, although I had recommended them this podcast long ago.
    It’s so well done and intriguing, I thought it is an episode that will help convince some more into listening. Thanks.

  6. CO

    Great episode!! Love stuff like this, really sets this podcast apart

  7. Klas

    The history of Byzantium and A history of english are my two favourite podcasts. You are extrordinary. Thank you so much for the fantastic material you produce.
    It is fascinating to learn about this previously hidden and forgotten history.

  8. This is just awesome work. Love the different narrative approach. Keep it up!

  9. Bill

    This is one of the best episodes of any podcast I have heard. Robin is like a combination of Mike Duncan and Dan Carlin, giving the thorough narrative but presenting it in such a way that makes you really feel as you are there. Thank you Robin.

  10. Corentin

    It looks like the download link is broken.

  11. Philip McBride

    Wow this was an amazing way to create a vivid picture of what it was like to be in the Roman army at that time. Thanks you for this!

  12. NatCat

    Real life interceded and I stopped listening for a bit, but I’m back and enjoying the end of the century episodes immensely (as always! The interview and your follow-up thoughts with Anthony Kaldellis were particularly interesting, wow) (and a little harrowing, given current events), but I just had to stop here and say that I really enjoyed this episode. It’s so vivid and I was entirely swept up in the story, as well as super informative! As always, thanks for all your time and effort on the podcast!

  13. Rayne

    Great work! Absolutely loved this episode. I think this helped convey an image greater than a typical info episode possibly could have. You should be proud.

  14. Ilham

    Great episode. Its a nice change of pace listening to this episode while marathoning through the podcast when I’m stuck at home

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