Episode 219 – A Spectacular Interruption (or Jerusalem!)

Jerusalem falls by Emile Signol (1847)

Jerusalem falls by Emile Signol (1847)

The Crusader march to Jerusalem (from Victory in the East by J France)

The Crusader march to Jerusalem (from Victory in the East by J France)

The Siege of Jerusalem (from Victory in the East by J France)

The Siege of Jerusalem (from Victory in the East by J France)

After their victory at Antioch the Crusaders agree to pause for a few months to rest. Bohemond and Raymond argue over who will keep the city. When neither Alexios or Urban will come to help them out they have to make decisions for themselves. These choice hinge on whether Raymond of Toulouse can both lead the Crusade and carve out a piece of the Levant for himself. In the process Raymond will lose all credibility and be forced to rely on Godfrey of Bouillon to help him get to Jerusalem. Once there the Latins end up in a race against time. They must take the city before an army from Cairo arrives or they run out of water.

Period: 1098-9

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12 thoughts on “Episode 219 – A Spectacular Interruption (or Jerusalem!)

  1. Former listener

    A spectacular interruption indeed. Like many others, I exclusively use Spotify to listen to podcasts, and I was very annoyed to see that you skipped a key episode in the narrative. I am not familiar with Patreon, do not have an account, and do not have the app. Now I must take three or more steps in order to listen to one episode. Even if I did sign up, now I have to leave Spotify where I am already well established and comfortable in order to listen. No thanks. Your podcast is good but not that good. I will go listen to other history podcasts that don’t pull this crap on their loyal listeners. It’s not a good look.

    • Spotify does not allow private RSS feeds at this moment. But almost all other podcasting apps do. If you buy an episode from this site https://thehistoryofbyzantium.com/sale-instructions/ or Patreon you can add that feed to your app and listen to all the episodes there.

    • This seems like a fairly insane criticism to make.

    • Spencer

      This is what we Yanks call major league sour grapes. And yes, many other history podcasts do “pull this type of crap”; i.e., ask for support. Some history podcasters are independently well off and do not need to ask for support. Most do ask for contributions or play advertisements or sell Livia Did It T-shirts, or some combination of these. Instead of pursuing some other livelihood, Robin has chosen to provide more than 200 free episodes (to date), all produced at a level of quality that is breathtaking.

      Robin, thank you for your efforts.

  2. ddc

    its one thing to have ads, or to have extra episodes that are outside of the narrative and have them behind a paywall. But to charge for episodes that are already part of the narrative is very gross and lame. Theres a reason no other podcasters pull that shit. Sell merch dude, get adds. get a patreon, Ill gladly donate. stop putting narrative episodes behind a paywall. very lame

    • Spencer

      ddc, your complaints aside, the wording of your complaints should have been prefaced with an expletive warning. You are clearly a very crude person who pays little respect for others. I doubt that you have contributed anything to the good of the world.

  3. ryan

    Robin put probably thousands of hours into this podcast in the hope that we’d throw a little his way when we can and this guy complains about having to take 10 minutes to support him.

    Probably took you more time to complain than it did to drop a bit of cash his way.

  4. deane

    Thanks for the podcast. Very interesting account.

  5. Christine Marie Cisneros

    How do I get this episode on my podcast app. I downloaded on my lap top. At the time I did this I had paid for a full year membership,

  6. dom

    hi and thx for all the episodes so far!! great podcast..
    just wondering why the link to buy this episode doesn’t work anymore?
    any solution apart from patreon ?

    many thanks


    I really love this podcast and appreciate all the research you’ve put into it but it is rather frustrating that the climax of the First Crusade is a bonus episode. That being said, I can’t wait till you get to Saladin! Keep up the great work, Robin!

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