Episode 217 – Diverging Paths

The route of the First Crusade (bad squiggly lines by Robin)

The route of the First Crusade (bad squiggly lines by Robin)

The Byzantines recover the West Coast of Anatolia while the Crusaders cross the plateau. As they travel the Westerners begin dropping like flies and come to hate the land they’ve come to liberate.

Period: 1097

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12 thoughts on “Episode 217 – Diverging Paths

  1. Spencer

    Another great episode! But what I want to compliment you on is the inclusion of maps. Putting the narrative in a geographic context, both verbally and visually, helps enormously with comprehension.

    All too many historians–and recently, history podcasters–do a poor job of putting their narrative in a geographic context. Robin, I am glad to say, has never “suffered” from this shortcoming.

    Robin, when you interact with fellow history podcasters, or if someone asks you for advice on what to do to get their history podcast off the ground, please include “post maps to your website, and orally put the story in a geographic context.” [Also, posting to Facebook or via Twitter does me no good. Post to a website.]

    Keep up the wonderful work.



    • George

      Truer words have never been spoken. I kinda feel now that one can’t really understand history without understanding geography.

  2. Erik

    Just wanted to agree 100% with Spencer here

  3. Ingvild

    Loved this last 12 episodes, have to start at the beginning now..

  4. Thank you all so much for the kind words. I’m so glad the maps and focus on geography is helpful. That’s how my mind works and since geography dictates so much of how history unfolds it would seem strange not to 🙂

  5. James Radcliffe

    “I could say this… but I wont”

    Alright Robin, keep your secrets

  6. Tomas2020

    Hey Robin, I don’t know if you’ve heard of it, but the fall of civilizations podcast just made an episode on the Byzantine empire, and it was awesome. Highly recommended.

    • Spencer

      I want to “second” Tomas’ recommendation of the Fall of Civilizations podcast. When I listened to the first episode, I assumed the podcaster was a seasoned BBC reporter–the podcast was that good. But no. The podcaster, Paul MM Cooper, is a fairly recent PhD in literature and a twice published novelist (historical novels). He’s really good. Paul has only published 16 episodes (a few each year), each on a separate empire that rose, flourished, and then fell.

  7. Alejandro


    Thank you for making my commute much more tolerable (though with the way things are going, I’m fortunate to have a commute at all).

    Apropos of nothing: when you reach 1453 (long way to go, fortunately), I encourage you to use this musical ambiance as a closing (heck, it’d also make a great show intro, but it’s a bit late for that):

    (Psalm 102 “Bless the Lord, O my soul …” chanted in a Byzantine style by the Choir of the Vatopedi Father in Vatoped Monastery on the Holy Mount Athos).

    Though I guess getting the rights may be a headache.

  8. Alejandro

    My pleasure Robin. I can’t stress enough how good this podcast is. I agree with the comments about the focus on geography, and also commend you on having a correct amount of depth for the medium, as well as avoiding anachronistic thinking and providing due context. Keep up the great work.

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