Episode 216 – The Battle of Dorylaeum

The Battle of Dorylaeum by Gustave Doré (19th century)

The Crusaders march out from Nicaea on their way to Antioch. First stop is at Dorylaeum on the Anatolian plateau. But the forces of Kilij Arslan are lying in wait.

Period: 1097

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Battle of Dorylaeum (from Victory in the East by J France)

Battle of Dorylaeum (from Victory in the East by J France)

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2 thoughts on “Episode 216 – The Battle of Dorylaeum

  1. Gator

    Robin, thanks again for your amazing work. I am continually impressed by the quality and detail of each episode. You have a great gift for storytelling.

    There is a relatively new book out which I thought I would bring to your attention. Escape From Rome: The Failure of Empire and the Road to Prosperity (Walter Scheidel). I have not read it, but the thesis is apparently that the fall of Rome was the a very positive development and cleared the path for Europe’s economic rise. I make no judgement as to the validity of this point of view; I simply surface it. Of course scholars continually argue about the positive and negative implications of any number of historical events.

  2. Mystikos

    The First Crusade is beautifully covered in a series of videos by the YT channel BazBattles. Here’s the episode covering Nicaea and Dorylaeum: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_hwq4_U4xH4 – hope people enjoy it!

    It’s not as detailed as the podcast, obviously, but it’s wonderful as far as visualization goes. The same channel also has Alexios’s Pecheneg Wars.

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