Episode 111 – Abbasid Decline

Europe and the Near East 900AD (worldhistorymaps.info)

Europe and the Near East 900AD (worldhistorymaps.info)

Political division of Europe and Middle East from Colin McEvedy's Atlas of Medieval Europe

Political division of Europe and Middle East from Colin McEvedy’s Atlas of Medieval Europe

Samarra today (from bestourism.com)

Samarra today (from bestourism.com)

We begin our end of the century episodes in the East. Since 838 the great Caliphal armies have not been seen in Anatolia. We explore why as the Caliphate slowly pulls itself apart across the 9th century.

Period: 802-912

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8 thoughts on “Episode 111 – Abbasid Decline

  1. Henk

    Great episode! It was well worth the long wait.

  2. Erik

    At long last! A new episode! Can’t wait to listen. 🙂

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  4. Rbills

    Nice to have you back. I was afraid you had taken ill.

  5. MartinA

    That top map is pretty incorrect from my neck of the woods (scandinavia). Tried to figure out how to tell the siteowner but it was a complicated site.

  6. The Great Anon

    Download isn’t working for me.

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