September 2016 Update

Hey everyone,

As most of you know I am deep into research for the end of the century episodes. Unlike the narrative I have to learn about a whole topic before going back and turning it into an episode. So things take longer than usual but once the research is done I can usually turn out 3 episodes in quick succession.

There would have been an episode out last week but my microphone of 8 years (!) finally quit on me. So I am installing a new recording system which as you can imagine is adding to the amount of time it takes me to get to the next episode.

Please bear with me and thanks in advance for your patience,


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5 thoughts on “September 2016 Update

  1. Bob Hyde

    Thank you for the update – looking forward to the next podcast!


  2. Take your time ! Better a clear and well researched episode than the contrary. 🙂

  3. Denis Nardin

    I have been following this podcast for some months now but I wanted to tell you that I find this podcast amazing and to thank you a lot for doing it! Take all the time you need to deliver a product at the quality that you find necessary!

    I also wanted to tell you that, although it is a little early, I expect you having to say Venetian and Italian names soon. In case you haven’t already someone to help you with the pronunciation I am more than happy to oblige (I come from less than 15km from Venice, in the mainland).

  4. Jack

    Thanks for the update, Looking forward to it!

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