The Sale

I recorded a quick clarification on the sale here.
Just to clarify: my aim is to use Episode 28 as a fundraiser for the project. But episodes 29, 30, 31 etc will all be free as usual.
My aim is that by the end of Justinian’s reign (the year 565) enough people will have caught up with Episode 28 and bought it that I can be sure I can keep going into the 570s and beyond.
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17 thoughts on “The Sale

  1. Hey, I am completely on board with your program and would like to give you something in excess of the $5 you’re asking. However my concern is that it will be a hassle to pay. This is my view of taxes too. I’m happy to pay–I just don’t want to deal with the forms. So please make this easy to do! I’m delighted to pay, and hope you go on to 1453!

  2. Thanks so much for the support, I will try to make it as simple as possible.

  3. Dave Przybyla

    One of my favorite podcasts. You are an excellent speaker, which for me is key to a good podcast. I have given up listening to some podcasts because of the verbal mannerisms of the speaker, even when the content was good.

    I also expect to contribute.

  4. Shlomo

    Let me know where and when to send the money in, as well as how.

    Keep up the good work

  5. sbarayal

    Count me in as well. Just let me know how, where and when to donate.


  6. BTW, have y’all heard of Byzantium Novum (at ? I, θεκλα πορφυογενιτα, am a citizen–indeed, I am Countess of California! Could you link us? This is the website for my own colony of Hesperia, which consists of California and Nevada:

  7. Thank you all for your support.
    @ H.E. Baber – I wrote to Byzantium Novum a while back offering to do just that. If you know those who run the website and could get the podcast listed as a resource then I’d be happy to plug it on a future podcast. If they have a specific message they’d like known just let me know.

  8. Paul Slattum

    How do we send the money?

  9. @Paul Details to follow at the end of the next podcast…

  10. Arik Rice

    No problem. Funny, I thought I heard you correctly (i.e. that ONLY episode 28 would be the one for sale), but, re-listening to episode 26, I can see how some people might have been confused.

  11. Chris

    Willing and ready to pay. Keep the history rolling!

  12. I love, love, LOVE this podcast. Since I’ve gave money to both Mike Duncan and Dan Carlin for their podcasts, I don’t mind sending you cash either 🙂

  13. steve elshoff

    Thanks for all your work Robin! I love the podcast and will definitely support you. Best of luck!!

  14. Andrew

    Count me in for a donation as well. I’m loving the content and structure so far, as well as the promise of a review of the empire at the end of every century: something that I felt the History of Rome didn’t do often enough (three times in something like a thousand years!)

  15. mp

    splendid work. just wondered, the episode has downloaded as a song in itunes how can it be moved to the podcasts. thanks

  16. @mp Another listener posted this: “If anyone is having trouble getting it to show correctly in iTunes or has an annoying case of ocd like me then to get it in the correct spot in iTunes you need to edit the metadata.

    To edit the metadata you need a program like mp3Tag, install it and open the folder with your downloaded podcast. In mp3Tag you need to right click on the file to change and select extended tags then you’ll need to add a few fields.

    The fields needed are PODCAST with a value of 1, and PODCASTURL with a value of iTunes uses the PODCAST field to specify what section it belongs in (ie Music, Podcasts, iTunesU), it uses the PODCASTURL for grouping. You can also add a DATE field with todays date in yyyy/mm/dd format, and a track number which will put the file in the correct order.

    After that add the file to your iTunes library and it should show up in the same section as the rest of the episodes.”

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