Episode 26 – The Sack of Antioch

King of Kings Khosrau (drawing by Jalal Al-Din Mirza via Wikipedia)

King of Kings Khosrau (drawing by Jalal Al-Din Mirza via Wikipedia)

Khosrou leads the Persian Army across the border into Syria and begins extorting money from every city he passes. The Byzantine army is nowhere to be found as the army approaches the Empire’s third largest city: Antioch. At the end of the podcast I update everyone on how the project is going and the support I need from you.

Period: 540-542

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5 thoughts on “Episode 26 – The Sack of Antioch

  1. Dan

    Glad to hear that you have finally decided on a fundraising format. I look forward to the tour/historian’s reflection episodes. Not only will you raise some money (and clearly you have done enough work to deserve it) but it will give us a bit of context around the narrative that will genuinely improve it. Count me in.

    Will you have a companion in the style of Jamie Redern’s to declare “I am Byzantium history”? 🙂

  2. @Erik Nice links thank you.
    @ Dan thanks for your support. No plans for a companion yet 🙂

  3. Justinan

    I will be more than happy to pay for your hard work. I love this podcast.

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