Episode 166 – To The City

Icon of St George (blessedcelebration.com)

Icon of St George (blessedcelebration.com)

You visit Constantinople, guided by a stranger.

Period: 913-1025

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15 thoughts on “Episode 166 – To The City

  1. ArcticXerxes

    At 35:13, the narrative briefly switches from second-person to first-person.

  2. Erik

    Very enjoyable episode. 🙂

    I like George.

  3. Thank you both

  4. AP²

    You don’t know how happy I am to see a new episode! Thanks for all your dedication!

  5. greggtheobscure

    You’ve outdone yourself with this one sir, and that’s no mean feat. I didn’t think you could top the episodes about the plague of Justinian, but I’m glad to have been wrong.

  6. COG

    Felt compelled to leave a comment after hearing this for the first time just now. You’re an astonishing storyteller and I feel very lucky to have discovered your podcast 🙂

  7. Sebastiaan B.

    I’ve been binging these for weeks now and I’m nearing the current point in the narrative. I just have to take a moment and leave a comment that I thought this one was particularly enjoyable before I continue !

    Great episode in a great series !

  8. Sq

    I ship these two! 😉 just kidding, but I love this. I’m getting a “Sixth Sense” about it. 20 minutes in.

  9. Josh

    Can someone explain the ending I’m confused 😂

  10. He sees an icon of St George and realises that the young man who showed him around the city was St George. The main character died in battle and had this vision of a trip to Constantinople as he died.

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