Backer Rewards Episode 1 – Byzantine Games

Byzantium board game

Byzantium board game

Justinian the board game

Justinian the board game

Byzantio the board game

Byzantio the board game

Our first Kickstarter backers reward episode showcasing the Byzantine board and role playing games available.

Download: Backer Rewards Episode 1 – Byzantine Games

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3 thoughts on “Backer Rewards Episode 1 – Byzantine Games

  1. Caroline Palmer

    You forgot a computer game! Civ 5 lets you play as Empress Theodora

    • johandeb

      Videogames are a whole different story indeed. From Crusader Kings 2, EU4, Attila Total War (ERE at 395) to Medieval 2 Total War (1070). And probably many more.

  2. As a contributor I ask—since you will be in Constantinople for a while—that when you deliver your missives, begin them with the day of the week using the names of the days of they would have used. Do we even know what they were? Surely they were not the Norse names we use!

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