Post Script to episode 166

An explanation and some credits from Episode 166 – To The City. Download it here.

Check out the American Biography podcast by Thom Daly

Check out the Ancient Faith website to find out more about “Chants from Balamand” the CD which features the clip of the Trisagion I played during the episode.

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4 thoughts on “Post Script to episode 166

  1. Great episode, not only did I learn about the state of Constantinople in the 11th century, but I also very much enjoyed that way is was dramatized.

  2. Joe

    Gotta admit Robin I wasn’t on board with the latest episode when I first started listening after so long without a substantial episode but I let it run for a few minutes and find myself genuinely engaged by it. You’re not half bad at this, it’d be cool to see you maybe expand on the idea of these little short historically based stories. Still I think I’d rather it be a side thing, I’m really jonesing for the podcast to pick back up again on the narrative. Good work though, can’t wait for the next episode.

    • Thank you so much for the feedback. I don’t always get a lot of detail on peoples experience of the show, so I appreciate it. I will again turn to fiction when I put together the follow up episodes for the House of War (as part of the Kickstarter). But it’s not a plan to resort to it often. I am sorry to say you will be waiting a little while longer for the narrative. We have a bit more on Constantinople and then we continue our movement east to deal with the provinces and eastern neighbours of the Empire. Then a few more topics like the military and final listener questions….then back to the narrative 🙂

  3. Erik

    Tell me there will be a way to get the House of War style episode even if you didn’t commit to the kickstarter. 🙂

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