Episode 100 – An Interview with Mike Duncan

Mike Duncan

Mike Duncan

Thanks to all of you for helping us get to episode 100. And of course our eternal gratitude to Mike Duncan and The History of Rome podcast.

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The History of Rome

The History of Rome Podcast

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10 thoughts on “Episode 100 – An Interview with Mike Duncan

  1. Erik

    This should be a treat.

    Congrats on reaching #100!

  2. William

    The History of Rome is a good year by year narrative, but I wonder if someday Duncan or Pierson or someone else should go back and do all of the end of the century context and Q&A style additions to the tHoR podcast. I feel as though I get a much deeper understanding and more durable memory of events and personages with tHoB than I got from tHoR because of them.

    Not everything is everyone’s cup of tea, per instance Pierson said engineering questions were beyond his purview, but I wonder whether by collaborations many of these gaps could be better filled while still sort of allowing for a cohesive whole.

    Anyways, keep up the great work!

    • Interesting ideas…

    • Imp

      I also liked THOR as a fun “drivetime”-style podcast. The good narrative flow and the tasteful humour were great assets. But I’ve outgrown the format, and Revolutions have left me so cold that I have actually abandoned it. THOB is by far the best historical podcast around at present, because of its nice balance of thematic and narrative approaches. I am not saying this in a competitive “my favourite podcast is better than yours!” manner, just as a description of how I have evolved as a listener. Robin has developed an especially effective style, combining narrative flow, with a “step back and look at the big picture” end-of-century episodes, and interesting interviews (well, mostly – I wasn’t too keen on the Zombies personally) . Perhaps other podcasters should take note.

  3. Fantastic interview! The THOR music was a nice touch. Congratulations on making it this far, Robin. Here’s to the future!

  4. naturalbornlistener

    Congratulations on your 100th episode and thank you for making all this available.
    It’s been a wonderful experience so far.

  5. Ad

    Congratulations on reaching this many episodes! Having Mike Duncan on as a guest was a nice gesture; ‘top class’, as my Italian colleague would say.

  6. Congrats! The show has been great and I expect it to keep me entertained on my adventures for a long time to come.

  7. Adam

    Nice. I got started on history podcasts with the History of Rome, as I imagine a lot of us did. Great interview.

  8. Philip Marsh

    Would love to see a dual portrait of Robin and Mike done in the style of a front-facing Byzantine coin.

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