Episode 48 – The Battle of Hieromyax

The Muslim Arabs invade Syria and begin to sweep away Roman resistance. Heraclius gathers the Army of the East for what he hopes will be a decisive battle.

The Canyon of the River Yarmouk today (biblicalgeographic.com)

The Canyon of the River Yarmouk today (biblicalgeographic.com)


The Eastern provinces (commons.wikimedia.orgwikiUserCplakidas)

The Eastern provinces (commons.wikimedia.orgwikiUserCplakidas)

Period: 633-638

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13 thoughts on “Episode 48 – The Battle of Hieromyax

  1. Tom Goodman


    Do long time listeners need to change their feed setting to see new episodes? I subscribed long ago to the History of Byzantium using BeyondPod on Android. The feed at that time was http://thetvcritic.org/historypodcasts/feed.xml but I don’t see this episode on that feed.

    Should I change the feed to http://thehistoryofbyzantium.libsyn.com/rss or https://thehistoryofbyzantium.com/feed/ to make sure I see new episodes?

    If the feed at the tvcritic.org will not be updated in the future, would you post a note there so others will see it.

    Thanks, and thanks for a wonderful podcast,

  2. Ken

    I have been dreading the day this episode would be released .
    It’s hard to imagine this is the same Empire of the Antonines and Severans .

    • Shawn

      I haven’t been able to bring myself to listen to it yet. That makes me a coward in a way, but something real died that day.

  3. Mike

    Hi Robin,

    I can’t see the new episodes of the podcast appearing in the iTunes feed! Can you get in touch with them and check it’s all working and uploading to Apple properly, I’m using the apple podcast app and it thinks the most recent episode of the podcast in the feed was your update of the 6th of March.

    I also wanted to say that’s it’s great to be getting the regular updates again, I live the show and really appreciate all your hard work on it.

    All the best,

  4. ArcticXerxes

    The phrase “just another PR spin on disaster” is repeated in the episode– you might want to fix that.

  5. Marino

    Hi Robin,
    In all other sources I have read that there was a sandstorm that blinded the Romans and brought their destruction. Did I miss that on your podcast or is that just an excuse they made up for defeat?

    • Hi Marino,
      The reality is we don’t know which details are true and which are made up. There may well have been a sandstorm. Or it could be entirely fictional. It could be that dust and dirt from the cavalry whipped up into the Romans’ faces. I left out the detail just because, as you guessed, I didn’t want to imply excuses where none were needed. The same thing was said of Heraclius’ victory over the Persians while the Siege of Constantinople was happening. Maybe they are both true but it’s so easy to ascribe weather events to divine favour that I try not to lean on them 🙂

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  7. I can’t find episode 47.

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