Another Listener Bibliography

Listener AB has added his own extensive bibliography on Byzantium. As he says, it “includes studies by famous Byzantinists, besides relatively popular books on the Empire. It includes material not directly related to Byzantium, but that enhances understanding of the period and the major players involved.” Thank you so much for letting us see it.

A Research Strategy for Byzantine Archaeology’, Byzantine Studies/Études byzantines Rosser, J.H.
Abu ʻAmr ʻUthman al-Tarsusiʼs, “Siyar al-Thughur and the Last Years of Arab Rule in Tarsus (Fourth /Tenth Century) Bosworth C. E.
Art of Late Rome and Byzantium in the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts Gonosová, A.(ed)
Art of Late Rome and Byzantium in the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts Kondoleon, C. (ed)
Burial and Urbanism at Late Antique and Early Byzantine Corinth (c. ad 400–700) Ivison, E.A.
Byzance Diehl, Charles  
Byzantine and Medieval Greece Hetherington, Paul  
Byzantine Armies, AD 886–1118,”Men-At-Arms McBride, Angus
Byzantine Armies, AD 886–1118,”Men-At-Arms” Heath, Ian
Byzantine Fortifications; an Introduction Foss, Clive David Winfield  
Byzantine Fortifications; an Introduction Winfield, David  
Byzantine Military Unrest, 471 — 843, An Interpretation Kaegi, W. E  
Byzantine Silk Weaving ad 400 to ad 1200, Muthesius, A.
Byzantine Theology, Historical Trends and Doctrinal Themes Meyerndorff, John  
Byzantinische Gürtelschnallen und Gürtelbeschläge im Römisch-Germanisches Zentralmuseum I, Die Schnallen ohne Beschläg, mit Laschenbeschläg und mit Festem Beschläg des 5. bis 7. Jahrhunderts, (Kataloge vor- und frühgeschichtlicher Altertümer Band 30) Schulze M.
Byzantium and the Crusades Harris, Jonathan  
Byzantium and the Rise of Russia Meyerndorff, John  
Byzantium at War Haldon, John  
Byzantium confronts the West, 1108-1204 Brand, Charles M.  
Byzantium, A History Haldon, J. F  
Byzantium, New Peoples, New Powers: The Byzantino-Slav Contact Zone, from the Ninth to the Fifteenth Century Kaimakova, A
Byzantium, The Early Centuries Norwich, John Julius  
Byzantium, the Islamic World, and India — AD 476 — 1526 New Vanguard
Byzantium, Vol. 2 The Apogee Norwich, John Julius  
Byzantium, Vol. 3 The Decline and Fall Norwich, John Julius  
Byzantium: The Bridge to the Middle Ages Angold, Michael  
Byzantium: The Empire of the New Rome Mango, Cyril  
Byzantium: Treasures of Byzantine Art and Culture from British Collections Buckton, D. (ed.)
Byzanz: Das Licht aus dem Osten. Kult und Alltag im Byzantinischen Reich vom 4. bis 15. Jahrhundert Stiegemann, C.
Castles, a History and Guide Brown, R. Allen  
Christianity and Paganism in the 4th  to 8th Centuries MacMullen, Ramsey  
Christianizing the Roman Empire: AD 100-400 MacMullen, Ramsey  
Chroniques Gréco-romanes inédites ou peu connues Hopf, C. H. F. J.  
Church and Society under the Comneni, 1081-1261 Angold, Michael  
Cities and Planning In the Ancient Near East Lampl, Paul  
City In the Desert: Qasr al-Hayr East Grabar O
Clubs To Cannon Hogg, O. F. G  
Corinth: results of excavations conducted by the American School of Classical Studies at Athens. Vol. 12: The Minor Objects Davidson, G.R.
Crisis in Byzantium, The Filioque Controversy… Papadakis, Aristeides  
Das Papstum und Byzanz Norden, Dr. Walter C.  
Der Vierte Kreuzzug im Rahmen der Beziehungen ….. Norden, Dr. Walter C.  
DhikraSaif al Daula Wormhoudt, A
Eat, Drink, and Be Merry (Luke 12:19) Food and Wine in Byzantium Kallirroe Linardou  
Eat, Drink, and Be Merry (Luke 12:19) Food and Wine in Byzantium Leslie Brubaker  
Empire to Commonwealth: Consequences of Monotheism in late Antiquity Fowden, G
Essai sur le règne d’Alexis Ier Comnène Chalandon, Ferdinand  
Essays on the Crusades Munro, Dana Carleton  
Etudes Byzantine Diehl, Charles  
Etudes sur l’administration byzantine dans l’exarchat de Ravenne Diehl, Charles  
Fortification In Islam before AD 1250 Creswell, K. A. C
Fortifications and the Development of Defensive Planning In the Latin East Chevedden, R.E
From Rome to Byzantium: the 5th Century AD Grant, Michael  
Geoponica: ‘Farm Work’. A Modern Translation of the Roma Dalby, Andrew  
Geschichte der ersten lateinischen Patriarchen von Jerusalem Kühn, Fritz  
Geschichte der Frankenherschaft in Griechenland Gerland, Dr. Ernst  
Geschichte des lateinischen Kaiserreiches in Konstantinopel Gerland, Dr. Ernst  
Geschichte des Untergangs der antiken Welt Seeck, Otto  
Greek Jewellery, 6000 Years of Tradition Kypraiou, E.g. E. (ed.)
Heraclius, Emperor of Byzantium Kaegi, Walter E.  
Histoire des relations de Venise avec l’empire d’Orient Armingaud, J.  
History of the Byzantine Empire Chadwick-Oman, C.W  
History of the Byzantine Empire from 716 – 1057 Finlay, George  
History of the Byzantine State Ostrogorsky, George  
History of the Crusades Proctor, George  
Intensive Archaeological Survey and its Place in Byzantine Studies’, Byzantine Studies/Études Byzantines 13 Gregory, T.E.
Islamic Science and Engineering Hill, D.R
Islamic Technology: An Illustrated History Hassan A. Y. al
Islamic Technology: An Illustrated History Hill, D.R.
Jean II Comnène, 1118-1143 Chalondon, Ferdinand  
Julian The Apostate Bowersock, G.W.  
Julian, Philosopher and Emperor Gardner, Alice  
Julien l’Apostat – Vol I, II & III Allard, Paul  
Justinien et la civilization Byzantine au VIe siècle Diehl, Charles  
Kaiser Julian der Abtrünnige Koch, Wilhelm  
Kaiser Julianus Geffcken, Johannes  
Kirbat al-Mafjir Hamilton, R. W
L’empereur Héraclius et l’empire byzantin au VII siècle Drapeyron, Ludovic  
La Prise de Constantinople Clari, Robert de  
Lost to the West: The Forgotten Byzantine Empire That Rescued Western Civilization Brownworth, Lars
Manuel I Comnène, 1143-1180 Chalondon, Ferdinand  
Material Culture and Well-Being in Byzantium (400–1453) (Veröffentlichungen zur Byzanzforschung Grünbart, M


Material Culture and Well-Being in Byzantium (400–1453) (Veröffentlichungen zur Byzanzforschung Kislinger, E.
Material Culture and Well-Being in Byzantium (400–1453) (Veröffentlichungen zur Byzanzforschung Muthesius, A.
Material Culture and Well-Being in Byzantium (400–1453) (Veröffentlichungen zur Byzanzforschung Stathakopoulos, D.Ch.
Medieval Siege Weapons (2), Byzantium, the Islamic World, and India — AD 476 — 1526 Nicolle David
Medieval Siege Weapons (2), Byzantium, the Islamic World, and India — AD 476 — 1526 Thompson, Sam
Muslim Military Architecture In Greater Syria Kennedy, H
On Barbarian Identity: Critical Approaches to Ethnicity in the Early Middle Ages Gillett, A. (ed.),
Post-Roman Towns, Trade and Settlement in Europe and Byzantium Henning, J. (ed.),
Quatrième Croisade: La diversion sur Zara et Constantinople Tessier, Jules  
Redating some South Italian Frescoes: The First Layer at S. Pietro, Otranto, and the Earliest Paintings at Sta Maria Della Croce, Casaranello’ Safran, L.
Robert de Clari – ein altfranzösischer  Chronist des IV Kreuzzuges Wanner, Ernst  
Sowing the Dragon’s Teeth. Byzantine Warfare In the Tenth Century McGeer, Eric  
State, Army, and Society In Byzantium. Approaches To Military, Social, and Administrative History Haldon, J. F  
Studies In Indian Weapons and Warfare Pant, G
Tastes of Byzantium: The Cuisine of a Legendary Empire Dalby, Andrew  
The Alexiad Comnena, Anna  
The Bogomils, c. 1110 Comnena, Anna  
The Byzantine Commonwealth Obolensky, Dimitri  
The Byzantine Empire 1025 — 1204, A Political History Angold, Michael  
The Byzantine Wars Haldon, J. F  
The Castle Explorer’s Guide Bottomely, Frank  
The Coastal Cities of Palestine During the Early Muslim Period ElʼAd, A
The destruction of the Greek Empire …. Pears, Edwin  
The Eastern Schism: a Study of the Papacy and the Eastern Church Runciman, Steven  
The Economic History of Byzantium. From the Seventh through the Fifteenth Century Laiou, A.E.
The Emperor Julian Browning, Robert  
The Emperor Julian Martin, Edward James  
The emperor Romanus Lecapenus and His Reign Runciman, Steven  
The Fall of Constantinople Pears, Edwin  
The Filioque Siecienski, Edward  
The Fireship of Al-Salih Ayyub and Muslim Use of Greek Fire Haldane, D
The Fortifications of Armenian Cilicia Edwards R.W
The Fourth Crusade Munro, Dana Carlton  
The Fourth Crusade and the Conquest of Constantinople Villehardouin, Geffrey de  
The Fourth International Conference on the History of Bilad al-Sham During the Umayyad Period Bakhit (ed)
The Fourth International Conference on the History of Bilad al-Sham During the Umayyad Period Shick R. (ed)
The Glory of Byzantium. Art and Culture of the Middle Byzantine Era, ad 843–1261 Evans, H.C.
The Glory of Byzantium. Art and Culture of the Middle Byzantine Era, ad 843–1261 Wixom, W.D.
The History of Fortification Hogg, Ian  
The History of the Sling (Gophana) In India and Other Countries Between C. B.C. 3000 and AD 1900 Gode, P.K
The Late Byzantine Army. Arms and Society, 1204 — 1453 Bartusis, M. C  
The Late Roman Army Dixon, Karen R  
The Late Roman Army Southern, Pat  
The Making of Byzantium, 600-1025 Whittow, Mark  
The medieval fortifications Annaev, A.
The medieval fortifications Brun P.
The Medieval Siege Bradbury, Jim  
The Oxford History of Byzantium Oxford History  
The Remnants’, 12th and 13th centuries. Byzantine objects in Turkey Ödekan, A.
The Secret Weapon of Byzantium Davidson, Ellis
The Social Structure of the Byzantine Countryside in the First Half of the Xth Century’ Oikonomidés, N.
The Topography of Baghdad In the Early Middle Ages Lassner, J
The Varangians and Byzantium Benedict Benedikz
The Varangians and Byzantium Sigfus Blondal
The World of Byzantium Parts I & II (VHS) Harl, Dr.Kenneth W.  
Three Byzantine Military Treatises Dennis, G.T
Trébuchets Hill, D.R
Ukhaidir Bell, G. L
Venedig und die Wendung des vierten Kreuzzuges … Streit Ludwig  
Warfare in Roman Europe, AD 350–425 Elton H  
Warfare, State and Society In the Byzantine World, 565 — 1204 Haldon, J. F  
Women in Purple Herrin, Judith  
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