Episode 246 – Travelling to Turkey with Şerif Yenen

While I’m away on the third ‘History of Byzantium’ tour I thought it was time to talk to the man behind them – Şerif Yenen. Şerif has been a tour guide in Istanbul for decades and has published many excellent books on the subject. He has also gone online to share his love for travel through podcasts and Youtube videos. I talk to Serif about his career and ask him listener questions about what to do and see in Turkey.

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Check out Şerif’s Youtube channel and his podcast ‘Turkish Odyssey.’ Or visit his website to find out more about his books, lectures and tours around Turkey.

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3 thoughts on “Episode 246 – Travelling to Turkey with Şerif Yenen

  1. Been enjoying your podcast for some time. Enjoyed the latest episode with Serif. Would love to be on your trip starting 23rd. I’ll be there in spirit. This was my trip: http://www.motorcyclemeanders.com/turkey_14.html

  2. Sam Wilson

    Hello, I very much enjoy the podcast and I am keen to do the tour of Istanbul in 2023. Please could you send me details of the tour so I potentially plan it.

    Thanks Sam

  3. Robert

    Hi Robin,

    Could you please add me to the mailing list so I can get updates on the Tour of Byzantium? It would be dream come true to do this. Although 2023 wouldn’t work out for me, I am aiming for 2024!

    Thanks again for what you do. History of Byzantium has been my favorite podcast since I discovered it last year. I hope to join your patreon soon as well.

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