When will the next episode of the podcast be?

Hello everyone,

My father has just been diagnosed with cancer. It’s serious and has happened very quickly. Further disruption to the schedule is inevitable.

I am working on one more Byzantine Story before the narrative will resume.

Thanks for your understanding,


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29 thoughts on “When will the next episode of the podcast be?

  1. Evan Mangone

    You’re like Alexios IV overcommitting to the crusaders… now you need them and they need you. You’re trying to raise the 5,000 gold pieces (the Patreon videos and episodes) so you can get on with your reign and pay them off but you also need the supporters/crusaders to stay in power (i.e. finish the podcast)🤔.

    Just kidding! Take as much time as you need Robin, I’m just glad you’re still continuing the podcast!

  2. Chris Gass

    Congratulations, you’ve just lost a listener. Feels like you’re taking advantage of all of those who have supported you throughout the years

    • Taylor Winscher

      Yeah, I also hate when people put supporting their parents with cancer over my entertainment needs. It’s just so unfair that someone’s personal life should cause me inconvenience in my podcasting consumption. I mean, I paid money so Robin should have to let go of his entire personal life and cease being a human in order to fill my workday with his soothing voice in the background. What is life if not work and nothing more?

    • how could you be so cruel?

  3. Josh

    I get that it’s been a crazy year and there hasn’t been much on the feed as a result. My question is I got my subscription on 1/31/20 and in the year since I don’t think we ever got the 6 bonus episodes or whatever it is that’s promised. Since these are coming out late, and mine has since ended is there going to be any way I can still access these Byzantine stories before I renew or switch to Patreon?

  4. PCP

    This has been my favorite podcast for the past 5 years, As much as I want every episode right now the most important thing is that you get the story right when looking back over the long term.

  5. assisamarium

    I dont even remember when I started listening to your Podcast…Not because its was so long ago but because I listened to them so fast and lost track of time, it must have been only a few months. Since then I have listened to Episode 167 and the work you have done until then is amazing! Before I had found your Podcast after desperately looking for continuation of The History of Rome, I never thought I would be so interested in the early middle age. I believed it was just a big dark time we knew very little about, until I was shown the opposite by you. Thank you very much for the Podcast, dont stress yourself too much, anyone leaving because of a break truly doesnt stand behind what you did already, and that is the most informative and qualitative media Ive ever listened to about the topics time and place.
    Thank you so much for your hard work.

    L. Marius

  6. Eric J

    Hi Robin,

    I missed the Kickstarter for the videos, but i am going to be in Istanbul this summer and I’m eager to watch them. Is there any way I can get ahold of them? Or the release schedule?

    Love your narrative content, cannot get enough of it.


  7. Jimbo

    Take your time Robin. Some things are more important than podcasts.

  8. So sorry to hear about your Dad Robin, it comes to us all at some time, my own parents are getting to the age where such things are almost inevitable.
    The podcast can wait, all decent listeners and supporters completely understand.
    Concentrate on family, on your duty and we will be here for you when you return.
    Take care.

  9. Charlotte

    Sorry to hear about this. Wishing the best to your father, yourself and your family.

  10. Oliver Lambkin

    Really sorry to hear that, Robin. Hope everything turns out OK. Take as much time as you need.

    I’ve enjoyed your work for the past three or so years– you went a long way towards keeping me sane during lockdown.

  11. Wish your dad lots of strength and quick recovery! The podcast can wait.

  12. Good luck to you and your family. Don’t worry about the schedule.

  13. Enrico

    Sending my best wishes to your family. I think I speak for any sensible listener in saying the podcast can wait. No matter how much we love your work, some things are more important than a podcast.

  14. Slaven

    Sorry to hear that Robin. Give all the love and support for your dad you can. The podcast is much less important than that (even though it is truly brilliant).

    • Michael W

      Hi Robin,

      I just wanted to pass on my best wishes to you and your father at this difficult time. My thoughts are with you and your family.

  15. Thomas

    All the best to you and your family!

  16. Taylor W

    I am very sorry to hear this news, Robin. Please take as much time as you need to get your life in order and enjoy the time you have with your father. The podcast can wait in the meantime. I wish you the best.

  17. David Allen Thompson

    Hi Robin:

    All the best for your dad and I will pray he gets better. If the podcast needs to wait, it just means that Byzantium’s conquest will be that much later.

  18. Thomas The Slav

    Robin, even if you never recorded another episode of this series, you’ve created an invaluable piece of work. IMO, I’d rather you took your time and did the episodes well, with the right mindset, rather than just pumping some out because it’s been a while and you feel like you have to. Wishing for strength for you and your father and for you to be able to continue this podcast with the same passion and quality that you’ve shown for 200+ episodes.

  19. Edward Marrone


    We are so sorry to hear about your father’s illness. We wish him and you all the best and hope for the best all around.

    We have been enjoying The History of Byzantium immensely for years and look forward to all your future work on this podcast and other endeavors.


    Edward and Stephanie Marrone

  20. Robin – I’m just catching up on the podcast after some time away. I have really enjoyed the newer episodes. I’m also terribly sorry to get to this point and see the news about your Dad. Best wishes to him and comfort to your family in this time. I know first hand how difficult these situations can be.

    As an aside, I had an opportunity to go to Istanbul last November and spent some time there with Serif doing an sort of HoB style tour. Very enlightening to match the places with the info from your podcast. I am very patiently looking forward to seeing your take on these spaces and places – especially the Chora Church which was closed at the time.

  21. Cameron

    Take all the time you need, this has become truly one of the greatest history podcasts ever produced. Prayers for your father.

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