When will the next episode of the podcast be?

Hello everyone,

I have now finished my work on the videos of the Byzantine sites in Istanbul. The videos are still being edited and presented to those who backed the Kickstarter project. But all 27 will eventually appear on the History of Byzantium youtube channel. So do go and subscribe to that channel if you’d like to see them.

I now begin my work on the Byzantine Stories which I owe to those of you who have bought subscriptions or support me over at Patreon. I also have to move house which as you can imagine is a quick, easy and stress free process.

So I’m afraid the return of the narrative is at least a couple of months away. I know this is frustrating. But I must produce the episodes which I owe to those who’ve supported me for so long. I remain ever grateful to all of you.

I will announce on the free feed when these bonus episodes are available. So anyone who wants to pause their Patreon subscription until there is new content can do so.

Thanks for listening and your support.


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3 thoughts on “When will the next episode of the podcast be?

  1. Evan Mangone

    You’re like Alexios IV overcommitting to the crusaders… now you need them and they need you. You’re trying to raise the 5,000 gold pieces (the Patreon videos and episodes) so you can get on with your reign and pay them off but you also need the supporters/crusaders to stay in power (i.e. finish the podcast)🤔.

    Just kidding! Take as much time as you need Robin, I’m just glad you’re still continuing the podcast!

  2. Chris Gass

    Congratulations, you’ve just lost a listener. Feels like you’re taking advantage of all of those who have supported you throughout the years

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