Episode 224 – The Coup of Anna Komnene with Leonora Neville

Our final episode on Alexios’ reign returns us to our first. Back in episode 197 we interviewed Professor Leonora Neville about Anna Komnene. That interview set us up to cover Alexios’ reign and the First Crusade with Anna as our primary source. But the last question I asked that day was about the succession from Alexios to John and Anna’s supposed coup attempt. Here we finally hear Professor Neville’s argument that Anna did no such thing. We also briefly look at our main historian for our next period of narrative – Niketas Choniates. 

Period: 1081-1118

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9 thoughts on “Episode 224 – The Coup of Anna Komnene with Leonora Neville

  1. George

    Based Choniates

  2. Pingback: Leonora Neville Interviewed for Byzantium Podcast – Department of History – UW–Madison

  3. George

    Anna Komene didn’t attempt a coup because sexism. Cool story.

  4. Name

    Your last episode was like 2 months ago, not counting the fan contribution.
    Are you still releasing public episodes?

    • Yes. I have explained my absence multiple times on updates and at the end of episodes. There is no need to worry. I will be here until 1453 🙂

      • Name

        No disrepect intended.
        Looking forward to next episode.
        I’m just hyped, is all

  5. 🙂 there’s a new episode out now

  6. Vagelis Moustakis

    Since you have been advertizing the Strategos book series, this is a bit of a spoilers question.

    What are your thoughts on Pselos being portrayed as the evil mastermind behind the Doukas family ? I have seen this in other historical fictions about the era leading to Mantzikert as well.

    • I’ve only read one so you’ve spoilt me 🙂 But don’t worry, that’s fine. I don’t have a problem with it if it makes a good story. But that doesn’t seem much like the historical Psellos.

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