Backer Rewards Episode 6 – Respect, Institutions, Justice

Our sixth Kickstarter backers reward episode features questions about the institutions which influenced Byzantine life and the legal punishments for everyday crimes.

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4 thoughts on “Backer Rewards Episode 6 – Respect, Institutions, Justice

  1. Marc

    Today on Kottke:
    “Byzance Architecture” by Antoine Helbert

    I don’t _think_ you’d linked to it before; if you did and I missed it, my apologies.

  2. MartinA

    Amber have normally been traded from the Baltic to the Mediteranean world in Europe, even in the bronze age. An error maybe? Or was it traded from the east as well?

    • MartinA

      Thanx for a great episode btw!

    • It was listed with the goods coming from that direction. As we discussed a while ago, the eastern Rus (not those based at Kiev) had direct trading routes with Baghdad. So it may be that finished amber products were sold from the Caliphate to Byzantium

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