Episode 149 – Streams of Gold, Rivers of Blood

Streams of Gold, Rivers of Blood by Anthony Kaldellis

Streams of Gold, Rivers of Blood by Anthony Kaldellis

The full interview with Professor Kaldellis about his book “Streams of Gold, Rivers of Blood.” The book is a narrative history from the time when Nicephorus Phokas took charge of the military through till the First Crusade. In our conversation we talk about sources, Basil IIs reign, the Magnates and the struggles of the 11th century.

Period: 955-1099

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9 thoughts on “Episode 149 – Streams of Gold, Rivers of Blood

  1. Erik

    The link doesn’t work! 😮

  2. Sorry about that, fixed now

  3. Myriokephalon

    Given the importance you’ve given to the growth of the magnates in your narrative, do you intend to follow Kaldellis and do a massive swerve in your interpretation right as the supposed struggle reaches its climax, or do you intend to introduce his conclusions as one possible theory amongst others who might take the older view more seriously?

    I admit I’m biased – reading Ostrogorsky was what made me first fall in love with Byzantine history – but I’m curious how you intend to handle the dilemma.

    • I think the growth of a different culture in the east was a big deal. I think the rise of the conquest army was a big deal. But I think I was clear in my episodes on the Magnates that there is plenty of dispute about whether they represented a social change. Or indeed if the Imperial legislation was really intended to stop them from acquiring more private wealth. So I don’t feel I need to do a swerve to agree with Kaldellis’ interpretation.

  4. Michael Hoffmann

    Hi Robin! I was just going click Order on Amazon on the book, when I thought “hey, wait, maybe there’s a discount code!” So, I thought I’d better check whether you and the good professor had maybe made an arrangement for one. Don’t get me wrong, I will order this book one way or the other, but never hurts to ask!

  5. Robin to provide some balance to Kaldellis perhaps you could have Dmitrii Krallis or Peter Frankopan contribute to a future podcast…they are pretty good blokes!

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