Episode 115 – The Rise of Bulgaria

Bulgarian Empire c900 AD (from Runciman - First Bulgarian Empire)

Bulgarian Empire c900 AD (from Runciman – First Bulgarian Empire)

The 9th century was a period of amazing social and political change in the Balkans. We follow the Khans as they plot a path toward recognition of their right to exist.

Period: 802-912

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5 thoughts on “Episode 115 – The Rise of Bulgaria

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  2. I’ve been waiting for this one. An excellent episode!

  3. When the ruler of Bulgaria asked for advice on how a Christian monarch should rule in certain situations, did he get those answers in writing? I’d love to read the responses he received.

  4. Konstantinos

    I think I have heard in the podcast that the Macedonian language was formed at that time.
    There is no Macedonian language but Bulgarian language.
    This is completely historically wrong and misconceived.
    The mixed people of the Bulgarian empire at that time they did not identify themselves with anything like Macedonian.
    Besides this it was also mentioned that the people of the Balkans they would never be Roman again.
    This is also wrong because not all of today’s Greece was conquered and Greece is also part of the Balkan peninsula.

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