Index of Episodes

Hey everyone,

Kind listener JP has built an index of episodes so that we can all fine the images and links quickly. What a guy!

Jump to it here.

Thanks JP,

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6 thoughts on “Index of Episodes

  1. Lauren Simon


  2. K Gorbunov

    The index is missing “the Origins of Islam” episode ( Also the link to Episode 57 isn’t complete and thus doesn’t work. But it’s a much needed and very helpful piece of work overall!

  3. Jeffrey W Percival

    Missing episode added, bad link to Episode 57 fixed. Kind listener JP welcomes comments and suggestions! 🙂

  4. Matteo DS

    This index is super helpful. However it has not been maintained, I wonder if listener JP is still around to update it?

  5. Robert Pecco Baker

    The narrator has never studied Latin. His pronunciations are so bad that I can’t listen to this podcast. It’s inconceivable to me that somebody would narrate 250 episodes of the history of tanzanium without devoting himself at all to the study of Latin

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