Episode 92 – Questions III

The family of games known as merells or morris. The game was called triôdion in Greek (from levantia.com)

The family of games known as merells or morris. The game was called triôdion in Greek (from levantia.com.au)

I answer your questions about the Themes, the Khazars, China, daily life and blinding. I also update our Constantine acrostic.  You can find the rules to Triodion here.

Period: 695-802

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6 thoughts on “Episode 92 – Questions III

  1. Bob


    Aetius, played by Powers Boothe, appeared in *Attila*…
    Analysis/Review… https://www.reddit.com/r/badhistory/comments/2h3aui/gerard_butlers_abs_destroyed_the_roman_empire_a/

    film/miniseries… https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n0iFXdAJGMc
    (a starting point for future reading–though one full of inaccuracies)

    Two possible alternatives…

    *) Zeno–from barbarian general to emperor, his exile, his troubles, his choices.
    *) Theodoric the Great–diplomatic hostage, fighter, general, patrician, king. His death ended a relative time of peace in Italy.

  2. MA

    Actually the prophet Muhammed preached the conquest of Constantinople saying,”Constantinople will fall and blessed will be the conqueror and blessed will be his soldiers.”
    The turks made a movie using this to justify their assault on the city.

    • Interesting. What I was implying though was that it was not a central tenet of Muslim thought. I assume that comes from a Hadith? The English translation seems to add “One day” to the beginning of the sentence which human ears presumably took as an excuse not to worry about this project being completed anytime soon…

      • MA

        Still do you not believe that from all their military goals the sacking of Constantinople would have been their biggest dream (it seemed to be the dream of other nations) for religious as well as economic and political reasons?

        I’ll send you the link to the Turkish movie trailer when I find it. It’s full of historical lies but this quote from the prophet was central to the theme.

  3. Yes of course Constantinople was a big target. But my point was that between the Siege of 717 and the move to Baghdad it no longer remained a top priority for the Caliphate. I was saying that if it were the ultimate goal of the Arabs to reach the city then I think they could have.

  4. My friend’s Serbian parents play “triôdion”. They call it “shells and pebbles” (or something along those lines) because apparently you are suppose to use pistachio shells and dark pebbles as the game pieces. They said it was a common game in Yugoslavia. I guess it survived in the Balkan ‘cultural melting pot’

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