Episode 62 – God’s Punishment

St. Anastasius in his Monastery. Rembrandt, 1631 (from Wikipedia)

St. Anastasius in his Monastery. Rembrandt, 1631 (from Wikipedia)

John of Damascus, from an icon (from Wikipedia)

John of Damascus, from an icon (from Wikipedia)



What did the Romans think was responsible for their defeats? We look at the Christian thought-world of the 7th century and the reactions from Byzantium and those left behind in the Caliphate.



Period: 602-695

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5 thoughts on “Episode 62 – God’s Punishment

  1. Sandi

    Hi, I’ve been listening in order, and starting with this episode the podcast is unavailabe for download on itunes or other platforms. ???

    • Hey, apologies for the disruption. The website which hosts the bonus episodes is being upgraded. But the free podcast, that you can find on any app, is working fine. So I suggest you switch to that for a few days. Robin

      • sfaikus

        I’m using the Apple podcast app from itunes, and i keep getting a message that the episode is unavailable. I listened to episodes 1 to 61 just fine. Problem started with 62. I checked future episodes, and i can access the most recent ones. I will wait a few days and try again. I am really enjoying your efforts!

      • My apologies – it looks like the free episodes were temporarily offline. They should be working ok now.

      • sfaikus

        Yes, i noticed they were back, and listened to 3 more episodes today. Thanks for telling this great story.

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