I will be back soon…the research is nearly done

Plus life got in the way a little.

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8 thoughts on “I will be back soon…the research is nearly done

  1. Nolan

    Thank goodness, I was beginning to think I would never hear what happens to the Byzantines. Thank you for all the work you put it, I enjoy your podcast immensely!

  2. Thomas

    Glad to hear it… i was worried there was no more to come!

    Take as long as you need 🙂

  3. Okay, so I lost 25 pounds listening to “The History of Rome” while at the gym and currently I’m down 8 more after podcastin’ with “The History of Byzantium” (but I’m only on episode 22).

    I figure that if you go all the weigh (har!) to 1453, I’ll easily lose another 25, which means that not only will you best “The History of Rome” as “best podcast to lose massive amounts of weight by” (A thing? It certainly should be), I will be fit as a fiddle and full of fascinating history…


    PS. Maps. Fantastic. Virtual tour of Hagia Sophia: http://www.360tr.com/34_istanbul/ayasofya/english/

    • Jacob

      Hey! Nice to know im not the only one, that works out to History Of Byzantium. Seriously, i don’t know why, but its just makes time fly in the gym. And Robin thanks for the great podcast. It is going to be great having you back!

  4. Thanks guys. And congratulations Z! That’s great work and thanks for the link, excellent 🙂

  5. That’s good to hear! Take all the time you need, just keep in touch so that we know you’re okay!

  6. Bob Hyde

    great news – thanks for the update – and indeed life does get crazy at times!

  7. Jon

    Really pleased to hear more is on the way, I’m really enjoying the podcast, keep up the good work!

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