The schedule of the end of century podcasts

Hey everyone,

There is a slight delay to Episode 37 on the army. It should be with you next week instead of this weekend.

With all your questions to answer and specific topics to research the whole process has taken me longer than I thought it would.

So I won’t be saying “in two weeks time” on any of the next few podcasts. I’m going to just go away and do the work and write the episodes and release them when they are ready. So there might be a three or four week pause. But I suspect that once I’ve had time to do some serious reading the episodes will come fairly quickly. So hopefully it’s a case of a few weeks off and then an episode a week or more until the narrative moves forward again.

Thanks for your patience and support,

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6 thoughts on “The schedule of the end of century podcasts

  1. Pace yourself!

  2. Andy

    Thanks for the update Robin! Your podcast is worth the wait.

  3. Good work on the podcasts.

    I’m not sure if you are still taking questions or not as I haven’t got up to date yet, but if you are, I have two:

    Firstly, what did the byzantines call themselves? Were they still calling themselves the roman empire?

    Secondly, with all the talk of wars and emperors, its had to get a sense of what life was like for the man on the street. What was the day to day life like of a typical citizen of the empire? Surely there was more to life than just rioting in the streets over obscure theological questions 🙂

  4. Hello Robin,

    Maybe I am missing something, but the last episode appears to be # 37. Are more episodes scheduled, or was that the last one?

    Best regards

    Alex Birukoff

  5. Jonathan Oren

    I find myself checking this website everyday to see if there’s been a new episode.
    But take your time. Once you start releasing more episodes it will surely be epic and worth the wait 😉

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