Episode 238 – Queens of Jerusalem with Katherine Pangonis

Today we talk to historian Katherine Pangonis about her book ‘Queens of Jerusalem.’ Not only do we talk about the fascinating lives of the women of Outremer but we also pick up Andronikos’ story as he manages to scandalise all of Christendom.

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3 thoughts on “Episode 238 – Queens of Jerusalem with Katherine Pangonis

  1. This is far too romanticised! Why has she not talked about what happened when Andronikos becomes emperor, i.e. he marries Anna of France? hence this whole “Andronikos eloped with her and then loved her all his life” is a lot of non-sense one can discover easily…

    • Dominic Guye

      She said that he loved her all HER life, not all HIS life.

      It really might be overly romanticized though. I think Robin and Katherine are just excited to see a medieval love marriage for once instead of yet another political marriage.

  2. Dominic Guye

    This episode was wild, holy cow.

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