Byzantine Stories. Episode 9 – Women in the Byzantine World. Part 3 – The Empress

Solidus of the Empress Pulcheria
The Trier Ivory (we believe depicting Pulcheria receiving the relics of St Stephen)

In part three we look at the role of Empress. The one position in society where a woman could attain true power over men. We also look at the life story of the 5th century Empress Aelia Pulcheria – the woman who helped define the role.

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2 thoughts on “Byzantine Stories. Episode 9 – Women in the Byzantine World. Part 3 – The Empress

  1. Ilham

    Not really related to this post, just coincidence that it landed here. I’ve been binge listening History of Rome, then History of Byzantium this past few months.

    I only started listening to podcasts as I just wanted something to listen to while moving places back in March. I thought of listening to something medieval theme as I was heavily playing Crusader Kings 3 at the time. Found your podcast, you said you were a continuation of History of Rome, so I went there first. I never expected to continue listening after I have settled in my new place, and go back to my previous routine before podcasts, but here we are, me finally catching up to where you are right now.

    Thanks for making such a great podcast! I will now have to listen to some of the podcast you recommended while waiting for more episodes from you. Hope to hear more episodes from you until 1453 and beyond

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