The History of Byzantium is now on Patreon


Hello everyone,

The History of Byzantium is now on Patreon. As you know I already sell bonus episodes of the show here at

But many listeners have requested that I join Patreon for various reasons. The main request being to offer an advert-free feed.

So over at you can now get an ad-free version of the show. And if you join the highest tier you can get an ad-free feed with bonus episodes as well.

BUT the Patreon feeds only begin at episode 200. I have enquired about migrating the entire back catalogue over but haven’t received a response yet.

So for the time being you would be getting only new episodes of the show. If you’re happy with how you currently listen to the History of Byzantium then there’s nothing to worry about. The system over at will continue as it is. But if you want to get an ad-free feed or just prefer Patreon then please do visit

Email me thehistoryofbyzantium at to discuss any ideas or issues you have.


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