Episode 201 – A Narrow Escape

The Byzantine Balkans 1081AD. Major Roman garrisons in red.

The Byzantine Balkans 1081AD. Major Roman garrisons in red.

Alexios marches back out to fight the Normans only to be beaten again and again. Finally he comes up with a strategy to throw them out of the Balkans but must embrace the Venetians ever closer as a result.

Period: 1082-5

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One thought on “Episode 201 – A Narrow Escape

  1. orangehairboy

    Mosquitos are still killing invaders of Greece and the Balkans to this very day! https://www.forbes.com/sites/alexledsom/2019/06/17/mosquitoes-threaten-greek-tourist-industry-with-west-nile-virus/#11a28a7c48a8 (Though I suspect the impact of COVID-19 might negate the fears caused by West Nile Virus. It will be “interesting,” for lack of a better word, to see which disease leads to more instances of encephalitis and meningitis. Urg…)

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